>I won’t let you suffer for nothing.”

He finally understood that these people were no match for Song Jingchen at all.
There was no point in staying any longer.
Besides, they didn’t need to get their own hands dirty to get their revenge.

After they left, Shen Yijia wrinkled her nose and said indignantly, “I’m not afraid of them.
They can’t beat me anyway.”

Why did she have to waste so much time talking to them? She could have just beaten them into submission.

Song Jingchen shook his head helplessly.
“I know you’re powerful, but not all problems can be solved by force.
Besides, little devils like them are the most difficult to deal with.”

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“Did I cause you trouble?” Although she asked this, Shen Yijia still felt a little aggrieved.
They were the ones who had bad-mouthed her first.

Knowing that Shen Yijia’s thoughts were simple and that she might not understand many things, Song Jingchen didn’t explain further.
He only comforted her, “No.
Even if you did cause trouble, I’ll help you solve it.”

Shen Yijia’s mood improved slightly.

Bruiser walked into the courtyard with an honest-looking middle-aged man.
As soon as he arrived, he said, “Sister, why were those people here just now? Don’t tell me they’ve found out.”

Before he could finish, Song Jingchen silenced him with a look.

Realizing that he had misspoke, Bruiser scratched his head and pulled the middle-aged man beside him over to introduce him.
“This is Third Uncle He.
He’s from Shanghe Village next door.
Everyone in that village consults him before building houses.”

Shen Yijia brought over a short stool and asked Third Uncle He to sit down.
Seeing that there was no seat for him, Bruiser ran to the central room to get a stool.

Shen Yijia didn’t understand how to build a house, so she quietly watched Song Jingchen and Third Uncle He discuss the details.

Thinking about how their courtyard had been broken into several times, Song Jingchen and Shen Yijia decided to build higher walls.

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