The next day, instead of the skilled craftsman that Bruiser had mentioned, Shen Yijia saw a group of angry villagers.

It seemed as if most of the villagers had arrived.
Leading the way were Clan Leader Song and the village chief, Song Tiegen.
The family from the old Song residence was also there.
Shen Yijia had seen the people at the back before, but she could not name them.

Many of these people had injuries on their faces, and some of them were even limping.
Without exception, they all had angry expressions, as if they would pounce on her and Song Jingchen and tear them apart at any moment.

This scene reminded Shen Yijia of when she first entered the village.
She did not expect this scene to appear again so soon.

She thought to herself that it was a good thing that Madam Li had brought the two children to town to sell her embroidery.
Otherwise, they would have been frightened.

Without greeting them, the mob entered the courtyard.
A large group of people instantly crowded the small courtyard.

Shen Yijia wasn’t afraid of them.
It wasn’t as if numbers mattered.
She raised her eyebrows and shielded Song Jingchen behind her.
She said disdainfully, “What? Are you here to fight?”

With so many people coming to her door, Shen Yijia could not think of anything else besides looking for a fight.

The villagers, who were already filled with anger, were even angrier when they saw Shen Yijia’s attitude.
They rubbed their fists and wanted to rush over.

There were so many of them.
Why would they be afraid of a little girl and a cripple?

Song Tie was worried that the situation would spiral out of control, so he quickly comforted them.
“Everyone, calm down.
We have to find out what happened.”

With that, he looked at Clan Leader Song.
“Clan Leader, say something.”

Clan Leader Song had been looking at this courtyard from the moment he entered.
When he heard Song Tiegen’s words, he coughed dryly.

After everyone quieted down, he said, “Wife of the Song family, someone said that you beat Dajiang and the others up last night and threw them in the courtyard.
Is that true?”

Shen Yijia tilted her head and glanced at Song Dajiang, who was looking at her with gloomy eyes.
She thought to herself that she had gone too easy on him.
She was about to nod and admit it when Song Jingchen grabbed her hand from behind.

Shen Yijia turned around and looked at Song Jingchen in confusion, but Song Jingchen didn’t look at her.
He turned his wheelchair around and came to Shen Yijia’s side.
He glanced at the people in front of him and said indifferently, “No.”

“That’s impossible.
She’s the one who did it.
Who else has a grudge against us other than her?” Madam Liu shouted, “She even dared to slash people with a knife before.
What else is there that she doesn’t dare to do? Don’t think that everything will be fine just because you don’t admit it.
We have the final say in this village.”

Song Dajiang echoed, “That’s right.
Why did this happen as soon as you moved into our village? You have to give us an explanation today.”

Song Jingchen didn’t even look at the two of them and continued, “My wife is just a girl.
The accusation that she injured so many of you without anyone knowing seems unbelievable.
Instead of suspecting an innocent person, why don’t you think about what you’ve done to deserve this outcome?”

Many people’s faces turned red at Song Jingchen’s words.
Was he badmouthing Shen Yijia?

“Who doesn’t know that this girl can kill wild boars? She’s evil.
Of course she would do such terrible things while we’re all asleep!” Song Dajiang retorted.

It wasn’t easy for him to convince the villagers that Shen Yijia was the culprit.
He also brought along the clan leader and village chief to persuade them.
How could he let Song Jingchen get away with just a few words?

Clan Leader Song stroked his beard and glanced at Song Maolin, who was beside Song Dajiang.
He nodded and said, “Dajiang is right.
You have to give everyone an explanation today.
Otherwise, don’t blame us for bringing you to the authorities.”

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