Similar scenes appeared in several families.

When the villagers heard the commotion, they went out to check what was going on.
It was rare for Xiagou Village to be lively so early in the morning.

When they found out what had happened, they were all terrified.
The people who were targeted were clearly sleeping in their houses, but they were found lying in their courtyard in their undergarments early in the morning.
They were even beaten black and blue.
Who knew if they would be next?

The doctors in the village were ordered around.
Fortunately, no one’s lives were in danger.
They just fainted.
However, when the victims woke up and were asked what had happened, they were all confused.

This matter caused an uproar in Xiagou Village.
They were all injured and wanted to seek justice from the village chief, but they didn’t even know who the culprit was.
How could Song Tiegen deal with this?

Moreover, Song Tiegen was extremely annoyed by the sale of the land a few days ago, so he was unwilling to interfere in this matter.
He simply asked whether they knew who did it and sent them away.

Some of the villagers also went around the village to investigate.
When they realized that the people who were in trouble were either the women who usually talked nonsense or the people who hit Bruiser that day, they had a clue.
However, since they saw what happened to these people, they felt a chill down their spines and dared not stand up for them.

In the end, most people could only swallow this grievance.

However, the people in the Song family’s old residence were different.
They were certain that Shen Yijia was the culprit.

After all, the only person in the village who had a grudge against them and had the ability to hunt alone was Shen Yijia.

“It must have been that b*tch.
I knew that b*tch was not a good person… She dared to do it, but she didn’t dare to let anyone talk about it.” Madam Liu gritted her teeth and cursed.

Song Dajiang, who was lying beside her with a swollen face, was getting impatient.
He kicked Madam Liu with a dark expression and shouted, “Shut up.”

Madam Liu trembled in fear and immediately dared not make another sound.
Even when she was in so much pain, she could only cry out softly.

The couple in Song Dalin’s house also started arguing.
The reason was that Song Dalin blamed Little Madam Liu for sleeping so soundly that she didn’t even know that someone had entered the house.

Little Madam Liu felt wronged.
“You were beaten up so badly that you didn’t even wake up in the courtyard.
How could I have woken up? I wasn’t even the one being beaten up.” she thought to herself indignantly.

Coincidentally, it was the academy’s holiday today.
When Song Maolin returned home, he felt that the atmosphere was amiss.
Before he could enter the central room, Song Jiayue stuck her head out of the room and secretly waved at him.

Although Song Maolin found it strange, he still walked over.
The two of them muttered for a while before going to the main house where Song Dajiang and his wife lived.

Shen Yijia had no idea about the bloodbath outside.
She slept until noon before getting up.

Although her stomach still ached from time to time, it was much better than before.
At least, it was within Shen Yijia’s range of tolerance.

However, she listened to Madam Li’s advice and did not run around.
She obediently moved a recliner into the courtyard and basked in the sun comfortably while eating the wild fruits that the twins had picked.

From time to time, she would look at Song Jingchen, who was thinking about new mechanisms, and sigh happily.
“It’s so delicious.”

Song Jingchen was helpless, but he didn’t say anything against her.

A person limped over from outside the courtyard.
When he saw the two people in the courtyard, he shouted excitedly, “Sister, Brother-in-law, you’re both at home.”

Shen Yijia merely glanced at Bruiser for a moment before turning back to continue looking at her beautiful husband.

Song Jingchen didn’t even look up.

Bruiser didn’t mind.
Seeing that the courtyard door wasn’t closed, he walked in.
If not for the fact that his legs hadn’t recovered, Shen Yijia wouldn’t have been surprised even if he jumped in.

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