After returning home, the two of them did not mention this matter again.
Knowing that Bruiser was fine, Madam Li was relieved.

For the next two days, Shen Yijia quietly stayed at home while Song Jingchen drew the blueprint for the new house.
She was just waiting for someone to come and start work.

However, the two of them had a tacit understanding not to invite anyone from Xiagou Village.

Apart from that, Shen Yijia, who didn’t like to read, kept reading that lousy book.
Song Jingchen wondered if Shen Yijia could really understand it.
How could she read a few thin pages for so long?

However, every time Brother Hao or Sister Huan asked Shen Yijia about it, she would say that it was a secret.
Song Jingchen could only suppress his curiosity.

The only change in the family was that apart from interacting with Auntie Tian next door, they started to talk to Widow Wang too.
Of course, it was Widow Wang who took the initiative to make friends with them.

Perhaps it was because Widow Wang’s personality was more to Madam Li’s liking, but Shen Yijia realized that the two of them got along very well in just two days.
Sometimes, even Auntie Tian was excluded from their activities.

Shen Yijia thought to herself.
“Women’s friendship comes and goes like a gust of wind.”

It was only from Widow Wang that they found out that there were indeed people in the village who had caused a ruckus because the village chief had sold his land to the Song family.

Most people had no objections to the nearly one tael of silver that was distributed.
However, there were always some greedy people who felt that the Song family was rich and that it was too cheap to sell them for eight taels per unit.

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However, they did not expect that people would value this unwanted land so highly.

Some people simply didn’t want them to be happy, such as the old Song residence.

However, no matter how they argued, it had nothing to do with Song Jingchen anymore.
He had asked Song Tiegen to open a contract and a written pledge to prevent this from happening.

This matter could only give Song Tiegen’s family a headache.
He wondered if Madam Cui regretted agreeing to give him these credentials because of the one tael of silver.

At night, Shen Yijia lay down and prepared to sleep as usual.
Song Jingchen suddenly said, “If you want to go, go early.”

Shen Yijia was almost moved to tears.
She looked at Song Jingchen with teary eyes.
“Hubby, you’re the best.”

Then, she sat up and got out of bed to change her clothes.
After taking a few steps, she turned around and smiled at Song Jingchen.
“I’ll be back soon.”

Seeing her reaction, Song Jingchen chuckled.
If he was really as good as Shen Yijia said, he wouldn’t have teased her by waiting for her to fall asleep before going to sleep himself, which prevented her from sneaking out secretly.

It wasn’t that Shen Yijia didn’t want to take revenge for Bruiser.

In fact, she wanted to wait for Song Jingchen to fall asleep and sneak out every night.
However, every time she waited, she would fall asleep.
For this reason, Shen Yijia would be annoyed for a while when she woke up.

Song Jingchen wasn’t worried about Shen Yijia since she could take on more than twenty suicide warriors alone.
However, he didn’t sleep.

He went to the courtyard alone in the wheelchair and started carving something under the moonlight.

When he finished carving, there was a series of deliberately soft footsteps coming from outside the courtyard.
It was easy to overlook.
Song Jingchen only heard it because he had practiced martial arts in his early years.

Song Jingchen looked up at the person who jumped in from outside the courtyard.
Without asking for any details, he said indifferently, “You’re back.”

The hazy moonlight shone on Song Jingchen, making him look noble and elegant.

Shen Yijia’s heart, which had just calmed down from the night breeze, started beating violently again.
How could her husband be so good-looking? This was against the rules.

When Shen Yijia came back to her senses, Song Jingchen had already arrived in front of her and stuffed something into her hand.

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She looked down and saw a wooden hairpin with the word “Jia” engraved on it.

Shen Yijia’s eyes widened.
“For me?”

Song Jingchen nodded.
He had originally planned to give it to her when she returned from town that day.
He didn’t expect Shen Yijia to come back so late at night because of An Xiu’er, so this matter was put aside.

He had added the words on it just now.

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