Not to mention Shen Yijia, even Song Jingchen was surprised by Widow Wang’s behavior.
He thought that she would vent her anger on them.

Shen Yijia handed the thing in her hand to Widow Wang.
Widow Wang lifted the cloth on it and took a look.
she smiled, but she said reproachfully, “You can just drop by, why did you bring gifts?”

As she spoke, she placed the basket aside and led them into the house.

Shen Yijia and Song Jingchen looked at each other and followed silently.

Bruiser was still sniffling.
When he heard the commotion, he thought that his mother had returned.
He was about to complain when he met Song Jingchen’s phoenix eyes.
He was shocked and glanced up at Shen Yijia.

He was so excited that he wanted to jump out of bed.
“B-Boss, why are you here?”

Before he could get up, he fell back onto the bed.

Shen Yijia rolled her eyes.
Seeing that Bruiser’s head was wrapped up like a dumpling, she said in disdain, “Just lie down.
I came with my husband to see you.
Are you alright?”

“I’m fine.
Those people just relied on their numbers to win.
Otherwise, I would’ve beaten them.” Although he said that, Bruiser still lay down obediently.

Widow Wang, who had wanted to maintain a gentle image to leave a good impression on her guests, couldn’t help but curse when she heard this.
“You’re still thinking of beating others? When you recover from your injuries, I’ll teach you a lesson…”

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Shen Yijia looked at Widow Wang in admiration.
The latter choked at her gaze and smiled awkwardly.
“You guys chat.
I’ll go and do the laundry…”

Shen Yijia saw Widow Wang’s expression change and found it interesting.

“Boss, make yourself at home.” Bruiser stopped sniffling and said excitedly.

Shen Yijia glanced at the stool that could fall apart at any moment and shook her head in resistance.
“I’m not sitting.
Tell me everything that happened today.
Who did it?”

That was why she was here.
As for visiting Bruiser, well, that was just something extra.

Song Jingchen raised his eyebrows and glanced at Shen Yijia, who smiled back at him.

At the mention of this, Bruiser seemed to forget about the pain and sat up.
He gritted his teeth and recounted the entire incident, sounding indignant.

Especially how he fought with others, who he bit, who he kicked, and whose hair he pulled.
It made Shen Yijia feel as if she was there at the scene.
She nodded from time to time and praised him for his good kicks.

Song Jingchen wanted to laugh as he watched from the side.
It was such a pity that Bruiser didn’t work as a storyteller.
Fortunately, Bruiser was still a child.
Otherwise, he would really be worried about the two of them being together.

When he got tired of talking, Shen Yijia kindly poured a glass of water and handed it over.

Towards the end, Bruiser’s voice clearly lowered.
“In the end, they injured my head and I had to be brought back…”

Shen Yijia came back to her senses and looked at his head again.
She gritted her teeth.
Why are you talking so much when you had to be carried back?

He was almost led astray.

She would never admit that she was listening with relish.
She straightened my back and glanced at Bruiser mysteriously.
“Alright, I understand.
Rest at home and recuperate.
Don’t worry about anything else.”

With that, she pushed Song Jingchen away.

“Hey, Boss, I was so fierce back then.
Why didn’t you listen for a while longer?” Bruiser was anxious.
If he had known she’d leave so soon, he wouldn’t have summarized it so quickly.
He could have made up more stories…

Shen Yijia rolled her eyes and said without looking back, “Call me Sister from now on.”

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She wasn’t a gang leader, why did he keep calling her boss?

Shen Yijia pushed Song Jingchen out of the house, but she could still hear Bruiser’s excited voice.
“Sister, Brother-in-law, take care.
Come often in the future.”

Shen Yijia thought, “He’s a fool.”

The corners of Song Jingchen’s mouth curled up slightly.
He was clearly very satisfied with being called brother-in-law.

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