In order to avoid unnecessary disputes, Song Tiegen suggested this.
It didn’t matter to him if they didn’t buy it because it was expensive.
If they bought it, they could also give every family in the village some money.
If the villagers benefited from it, they wouldn’t make a fuss.

Song Jingchen guessed the underlying specifics of the matter.
He also didn’t want to cause trouble, so he thought for a moment and said, “Three units of land then.”

Song Tiegen was shocked.
This was not a small sum.
“Alright, I’ll follow you to your house to measure the land.”

Song Jingchen didn’t answer.
He glanced at Shen Yijia, who immediately took out two silver ingots and five taels.

Song Jingchen took it and handed it to Song Tiegen.
“Village Chief, please give me a contract and a receipt.
Take the extra one tael of silver as a thank-you gift.”

Song Tiegen was about to refuse when Madam Cui walked out of the inner room and took the money.
She smiled.
“Oh my, Eldest Nephew, you’re too polite.
You’re welcome.
I’ll settle it for you now.”

Song Tiegen glared at his wife, but could only do as Song Jingchen said.

After writing, they were about to go out to measure the land when Song Tiegen’s eldest son ran in, sweating profusely.
He pulled Song Tiegen away and said, “Father, go and take a look.
There’s a fight in the field.”

“Why are they fighting?” Song Tiegen hurriedly followed.
After taking a few steps, he turned around and said to Song Jingchen, “You guys go back first.
I’ll go to your house later.”

Song Jingchen nodded indifferently.
Although Shen Yijia liked to fight, she didn’t feel the need to get involved in a matter that had nothing to do with her.
She simply pushed Song Jingchen home in his wheelchair.

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Madam Cui returned to the room happily with the banknotes.
Seeing that her daughter was still staring outside, she slapped Song Mingzhao’s back angrily.
“Wretched girl, what are you looking at?”

“Oh my, I’m not looking at anything.
There’s nothing to see anyway.” Song Mingzhao said guiltily.

“I’m warning you, don’t try anything funny.” Madam Cui knew her daughter well.

Song Mingzhao was so embarrassed that she became furious.
“I’m not going to try anything funny.
He’s just a cripple.
No matter how good-looking he is, I won’t like him.”

After confirming that Song Mingzhao was telling the truth, Madam Cui let her go.

Song Jingchen and Shen Yijia thought that the fight outside had nothing to do with them.

However, they did not know that they were the cause of this fight.

It turned out that many people had seen Song Jingchen sitting in a wheelchair.
There were some who said that the young couple was quite compatible, while others claimed that it was a pity that Song Jingchen was a cripple, and Shen Yijia made a mistake marrying him.

Song Dajiang brought his wife and son to the fields to hear their discussion.
Madam Liu hated Shen Yijia for cutting her hair last time, causing her to only be able to go out with a headscarf.

However, no one had said anything about the rumors that she deliberately spread about Shen Yijia and An Dong.

How could she let go of such a good opportunity now? She said at the top of her lungs, “I think she’s happy to be married to him.
Since her man can’t do anything, she’s not afraid of causing trouble outside.
Otherwise, how could the daughter of a wealthy family follow a cripple to this godforsaken place? She would have left long ago.”

As she spoke, she spat in disdain.
“Don’t be fooled by how innocent she looks.
You don’t know how flirtatious she is in private…”

The more Madam Liu spoke, the more excited she became.
The surrounding people also found it interesting and started talking.

All of them felt as if they had seen Shen Yijia commit adultery with their own eyes.

It would’ve been fine for them to gossip since Shen Yijia couldn’t hear them, but someone else heard them.

Coincidentally, Bruiser, who had just eaten breakfast and gone out for a walk, heard it.
Who was Shen Yijia to him? She was the boss he had just acknowledged.
Besides, he was blindly infatuated with Shen Yijia.

How could he let these people gossip about Shen Yijia?

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Bruiser, who had grown up in a lawless place, was not about to hold back.
Without a word, he picked up the soil on the ground and threw it at the crowd.
A messy scene was about to break out.

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