“You didn’t go by yourself, right?” Song Jingchen hit her with another curveball.

Shen Yijia was completely impressed by her husband’s brain.
She didn’t say anything, but he knew everything.

She decided to come clean.
“Bruiser brought me there.
That’s the guy who came by yesterday.
I didn’t save him.
He followed me into the mountains and said that he wanted to acknowledge me as his master.
However, you know that I don’t know any proper martial arts, so I definitely couldn’t lead him on.
I rejected him at that time.
He said that he would bring me to earn money, so I agreed to take him in as my disciple.”

After saying that, Shen Yijia sighed.
Now, she really didn’t have anything to hide.

Song Jingchen smiled coldly.
“Nothing else?”

Shen Yijia shook her head.
“There’s really nothing else.
I swear I’ll tell you everything in the future.” In her mind, she was thinking desperately. “Stop staring at me coldly like that.
Please let me off the hook.”

As if hearing Shen Yijia’s thoughts, Song Jingchen looked away.

Shen Yijia heaved a sigh of relief and scratched her head in a dilemma.
Her gaze wavered as she said, “Then… then why was An Xiu’er at our house yesterday?”

Her tone was a little sour.

Song Jingchen paused and felt inexplicably happy, but he didn’t show it on his face.
He explained, “She said that you liked her pickled vegetables and sent some over.

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“Since none of you were home, Brother Hao and Sister Huan were starving…”

“Then why did she serve you the food and soup?” Shen Yijia pouted.

Shen Yijia found it strange that An Xiu’er knew they weren’t at home, but she did not think too much about it.

“The maidservants at home used to do the same,” Song Jingchen said honestly as he glanced at a corner.

Shen Yijia choked.
She wanted to say that An Xiu’er was not his maidservant, but the inexplicable frustration in her heart disappeared.

Following his gaze, she saw the package in the corner.
She said in surprise, “Aren’t those the books I bought for you? You didn’t read it.”

She walked over and picked up the package.

Song Jingchen was expressionless.
“Are you sure you bought it for me?”

“That’s right.
I saw that you’ve almost worn out the few books at home, so I specially asked the bookstore owner to pick them out for you.
I heard that these were the bestsellers, and they cost me two taels of silver.” Shen Yijia’s heart ached when she thought about it.
Two taels of silver was enough to buy a lot of meat.

She stuffed the package into Song Jingchen’s arms and gestured for him to open it quickly to see if he liked it.

Song Jingchen’s hand trembled and he asked, “You’ve read them?”

“No, I bought it for you to read.
Besides, I don’t know many words.” Shen Yijia didn’t understand why Song Jingchen had so many questions.
It was just a few books.

Song Jingchen choked up a little and stuffed the package under his pillow.
He pulled Shen Yijia to lie down with him.
“I’ll take a look when I’m free.
Let’s sleep first.”

Shen Yijia refused to give up.
“Then tell me if you like it.
I’ll buy you a few more copies.”

Song Jingchen stayed silent.

There was no need for that.
He didn’t like it.
Besides… These books were enough to last him a long time.


The room was silent for a while.
Suddenly, Shen Yijia sat up, startling Song Jingchen.

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However, before he could ask, Shen Yijia had already put on her shoes and rushed out.

Song Jingchen quickly propped himself up and wanted to sit in the wheelchair to follow her out, but Shen Yijia had already returned.

She was holding an old book.

Song Jingchen’s forehead throbbed.
She’d bought more than three books.
Before he could stop her, Shen Yijia opened the book.

Shen Yijia only remembered that she had casually thrown this book into the carriage because she was in a hurry.
Later on, she had to sort a lot of things out, so she completely forgot about it.
Fortunately, she did not lose it.

Song Jingchen rubbed his temples.

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