Shen Yijia rolled her eyes at those people and carried Song Jingchen to Madam Li’s side.

Realizing that Madam Li was also looking at her in surprise, she pursed her lips and called out tentatively, “Mother?”

“I suppose that’s what I should call her.” she thought.

Madam Li’s eyelids twitched.

She finally realized what she had overlooked in the past few days.
She had forgotten about the bride who had just entered the house.


She looked at the girl who was still wearing a red wedding dress.

After trying hard to distinguish her features for a long time, she finally found a trace of familiarity on the bloodstained face.
“Yijia? Why… Why is it you? Shouldn’t it be Ruyun?”

No one could be blamed for being horrified by that face.

When she put on her makeup, the original host had a sickly look on her face.
In order to cover it up, the bridesmaid applied layer after layer of makeup.

The original host had cried so much that her makeup was ruined.
When her head was injured, blood slid down her forehead, covering it with red and white.

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Fortunately, she did not have time to look in the mirror.
Otherwise, Shen Yijia would have given herself nightmares.

Shen Yijia was just thinking about something when she was interrupted by two little children who suddenly appeared out of nowhere.

The two of them first saw their big brother was covered in injuries, then saw that their big brother was being carried by a female ghost dressed in red.
They were so frightened that they burst into tears and threw themselves into Madam Li’s arms.

Madam Li also burst into tears.
The three of them hugged each other and cried bitterly.

Sounds of people sobbing echoed through the courtyard.

Shen Yijia tilted her head.
She was very confused and did not understand what was going on.

Everyone was crying, which made her heart feel stuffy and uncomfortable.

She was completely unaware that the situation in front of her was a chain reaction, caused by her scaring the two children into tears.


Shen Yijia, suddenly felt a little awkward.
She really couldn’t bring herself to cry with them.

Besides, she could only think about her injured husband.
She had to quickly bring him back inside to rest.

She looked around and saw the person standing directly in front of her while holding a bright yellow scroll.
Their eyes met.

“Oh, I think he’s here to read the imperial edict.
He can’t leave until he’s finished.” she thought.

Reluctantly, she nodded at the man.
“Read it!”

Eunuch Li choked when he saw Madam Li and her children crying.

He wanted to reprimand them, but decided against it.

“Forget it, forget it.
This family is already pitiful enough.
Let’s not force the issue.” he thought.

He cleared his throat and raised his voice.

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As Eunuch Li’s voice rang out, the sobbing stopped.
All of them knelt quietly.

Only then did the two children see their father and grandfather lying on the ground beside Eunuch Li.
Their eyes widened in fear and they wanted to go forward to the corpses.

Madam Li stopped them firmly.

In an instant, apart from Eunuch Li, only Shen Yijia and Song Jingchen, who were both dressed in red, were left standing.

Eunuch Li spoke loudly enough for everyone to hear.

Even the servants and commoners who were eavesdropping outside the residence heard everything.

There was a long string of words, but Eunuch Li read them without stumbling.

Shen Yijia tried her best to prick up her ears and listen, roughly guessing what it meant.

“The Bulwark Duke and the Crown Prince privately made dragon robes and plotted a rebellion.
Now, the evidence is conclusive.”

“However, His Majesty was benevolent and remembered the Old Duke’s contributions to Great Xia.”

“The dead can be forgiven, but the living criminals cannot escape punishment.”

“The title of Bulwark Duke is to be stripped away, their family assets confiscated, all official positions revoked, and everyone in the residence sent back to their hometowns.
Even in future generations, they will not be allowed to enter the court as officials!”

After reading the imperial edict, Eunuch Li looked at the pitiful state of the duke’s residence and sighed.

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