After a fight in the morning, Shen Yijia went into the mountains in the afternoon.
Shen Yijia was exhausted and had long forgotten about the unhappiness brought about by An Xiu’er.
As soon as she got into bed, she started to fall asleep.

Song Jingchen looked at Shen Yijia for a long time, waiting for her to fall asleep.
She started to snore, but she didn’t roll into his arms.

He ignored the strange feeling in his heart and turned away from Shen Yijia.

He glanced at Shen Yijia and turned his back to her again.
In the end, Song Jingchen resigned himself to fate and pulled Shen Yijia into his arms.

Now he felt at ease.

Shen Yijia vaguely seemed to hear Song Jingchen say something in her ear, but she fell asleep before she could hear what he was saying.

Since she went to bed early, Shen Yijia woke up exceptionally early the next day, even earlier than Song Jingchen.

Shen Yijia quietly left Song Jingchen’s arms, got out of bed, and changed her clothes.

She turned around and heaved a sigh of relief when she saw that she didn’t wake Song Jingchen up.

Madam Li was already preparing breakfast in the kitchen.
In the beginning, Shen Yijia used to help out with the meals.

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However, for some reason, even though they were doing the same thing, and Madam Li was guiding her from the side, the food would still taste especially bad in Shen Yijia’s hands.


After wasting food a few times, Madam Li stopped Shen Yijia from touching the food in the kitchen.

Some people were born to be good at something.
Shen Yijia felt that she was born to be good at cooking questionable cuisines.


Madam Li was making steamed buns.
Shen Yijia informed Madam Li that she was going to town to deliver the prey.
She took a piece of cloth, wrapped three of the steamed buns in it, and left with the carriage.

When they arrived at the village entrance, Bruiser was already waiting there.
He looked clean today, and his true appearance was revealed.
He had seemingly changed from a sloppy beggar to a delicate young man.
He looked to be about thirteen or fourteen years old, and had obviously been cleaned up.

However, his clothes were still old and obviously patched up.
Shen Yijia felt a headache coming on when she saw him.

As soon as the carriage stopped, without Shen Yijia’s reminder, Bruiser jumped into the carriage and took over the driving.
He said obsequiously, “I know how to do this.
I’ll do it.”

Shen Yijia looked at him suspiciously but she did not refuse.
She opened her cloth bag and threw a white steamed bun at him.
“Eat,” she said.

With that, she started eating a steamed bun too.

Bruiser was stunned.
His eyes turned red as he looked at the steamed bun.

As was mentioned earlier, Xiagou Village was prone to excluding to outsiders, let alone a widow with a son.

Their family didn’t have any fields, so Widow Wang relied on sewing and mending to earn some money.
She didn’t have time to take care of the children.
Bruiser had been wandering in every corner of the town since he was young.
He had basically grown up fighting.

When they arrived in town, they first sent the prey to Full Fortune Restaurant.
This time, there was more prey than last time, and they sold their catch for five taels of silver.

After leaving the carriage at Full Fortune Restaurant, Shen Yijia and Bruiser entered a ready-to-wear shop.
When they came out again, they were disguised as two young men.
Bruiser had been in town for a long time and was afraid of being recognized, so he specially painted his face with a tan.

Shen Yijia also forced him to change out of his old clothes.

The two of them were both dressed in rough clothes.
This was because Bruiser had said that it was best to keep a low profile when going to such a place.

Shen Yijia had no objections.

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After turning left and right, they finally found the so-called underground arena.
It looked exactly like what you’d expect an underground arena to look like.

Inside was a small residence with a secret passage leading underground.
Oil lamps were placed all around, so it wasn’t dark.

One had to register before entering the arena.
Those who came for the first time had to pay five taels of silver first.

Shen Yijia took out ten taels.
The doorman pressed a button after they registered.
A stone door slowly opened, and instantly, a commotion could be heard from inside.

There were roars and cheers.
Shen Yijia was shocked by the scene before her.

From afar, she could see three tall platforms surrounded by iron railings.
Two of them had people fighting on them, and many people were watching from below the platforms.

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