Even after dinner, Shen Yijia still could not react.

Why would An Xiu’er come to the house to cook and even serve Song Jingchen soup and rice?

Furthermore… Why did she feel so uncomfortable? She clearly didn’t sense any malice from An Xiu’er.
Everything was normal.

She originally wanted to tell Song Jingchen about what had happened in town and the prey that Full Fortune Restaurant wanted, and also ask him if he had any good ways to earn money.

Now, Shen Yijia was in no mood to do so.
However, she could not figure out why.
She put away the things in the carriage and picked up a basket.
She said, “I’m going to take a look around the mountain.” Then she left.

Looking at Shen Yijia’s back, Song Jingchen frowned and paused.

In the past, Shen Yijia did not go deep into the mountains.
He figured that she wanted to hunt for more things, so he didn’t worry too much.

After walking for fifteen minutes, Shen Yijia stopped.
“Come out, or I’ll beat you up.”

It was unknown how long she had been followed.
It was her fault for being distracted.

“Don’t… I’m coming out.” A dirty young man walked out from behind a tree.

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Shen Yijia looked carefully at the young man and confirmed that she did not know him.
She said angrily, “Who are you? Why are you following me?”

“You… you don’t remember me? We’ve met a few times.
I was standing at the back of the crowd the day you moved into the village.
Then when you dragged the prey down the mountain…”

“Stop!” Shen Yijia hurriedly interrupted the person’s stammering.
She was really not in the mood to listen to anyone’s nonsense today.
She could easily lose control of her fists.
“Get to the point.”

“Oh, my name is Li Shen.
Everyone calls me Bruiser.
I’m the son of Widow Wang in the village.
I happened to see you when you were fighting those hooligans in town today.
I want to acknowledge you as my master and learn martial arts from you.” Bruiser immediately stood straight and quickly introduced himself.

“I don’t know martial arts, so I won’t take in disciples.” Shen Yijia refused coldly.
“You’re not allowed to follow me anymore, or I’ll beat you up!”

With that, she ignored him and continued deeper into the mountains.

Bruiser was about to follow when Shen Yijia stopped.
Seeing that Shen Yijia was about to disappear, he hurriedly shouted, “I know where to make money quickly.”

These words pierced Shen Yijia’s heart.
She wanted to ignore him, but the prospect of money did not allow her to.

Shen Yijia did not turn around, but she did not continue walking.

Seeing that there was a chance, Bruiser quickly ran over.
“I know you want to make money.
I can take you there.”

“Continue.” Shen Yijia said coldly.

“There’s an underground arena in the town.
As long as you participate in the competition there, you’ll get ten taels of silver if you win a match.
After winning twenty matches in a row, the amount of silver will be doubled.
If you can become the lord of the arena, you’ll be directly rewarded with a hundred taels of silver.
If anyone challenges you, you’ll get fifty taels of silver if you win a match.”

Shen Yijia was delighted.
Wasn’t this tailor-made for her? However, she frowned.
“Anyone can participate?”

Bruiser quickly nodded.
“You have to pay five taels of silver to enter for the first time.
You can even place a bet inside.
If the person you bet on wins, you can earn money.”

“Sure, but I really don’t know how to teach.” Shen Yijia had already decided to take a look at the arena, but she couldn’t leave him hanging.

Bruiser shrugged, thinking that Shen Yijia looked down on him.

Shen Yijia gritted her teeth and said, “I can take you in as my underling.
If anyone bullies you in the future, come find me.
I’ll help you teach them a lesson.”

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“Really?” Bruiser’s eyes lit up, and he smiled widely.

Shen Yijia rubbed her forehead.
His expression changed so quickly.
She waved her hand and chased him away.
“Yes, yes.
I still have to hunt some prey.
You can go back now.”

“Boss, let me go with you.
I can help you carry the prey.” He had just been accepted, so he had to be proactive.

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