“Young lady, are you satisfied with this place?” The tall man stopped and looked back at Shen Yijia lecherously.
He even rubbed his hands together.

Shen Yijia looked around.
It was an alley that could only accommodate three people.
There were no outsiders here.
Strictly speaking, it was not spacious enough, but it would be a waste of time to change places.
It was fine.

Therefore, Shen Yijia nodded obediently.

The ruffians laughed again, and tacitly let the tall man go first.

The tall man reached out to Shen Yijia again.

There was a click.


Immediately after, a scream sounded.
Everyone was shocked.

Shen Yijia did not give anyone a chance to react.
She grabbed the tall man’s collar and threw him over her shoulder, throwing him against the wall and knocking him unconscious.

The others reacted and pounced on her.
Shen Yijia dodged one of them and swept her foot downwards.
The man fell flat on his face.

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Then, she grabbed one of them by the collar and threw him at the other gangsters.

The three of them were neatly stacked like a small mountain.
Shen Yijia placed her hands on her hips and stepped on them, preventing them from moving.

However, at this moment, the person suddenly picked up a brick from the ground and swung it at the back of Shen Yijia’s head…

However, Shen Yijia seemed to have eyes behind her back.
She spun around and kicked the person away.

Of the five people, two had fainted.
The other three were unable to move under her feet.
Satisfied, Shen Yijia retracted her feet and squatted down in front of the wailing three people.

She smiled at them and raised her hand to punch them.

She clapped her hands and was about to leave when she thought of something.
She squatted down and groped around again.

“Tsk, there’s less than two taels of silver.
They’re so poor.”

She left, satisfied.
She had finally vented the anger which had built up because of the villagers in Xiagou Village.

When she returned to the rice shop, there were still many people waiting to see the results.
When they saw Shen Yijia return unscathed, they were all puzzled.

Shen Yijia did not intend to explain.
She thanked the waiter and drove the carriage away.

After she left, the townspeople glanced at each other.

Someone headed towards the alley out of curiosity and was shocked to see what was in the alley.

This, this was…

Shen Yijia drove the carriage to the embroidery workshop to pick up Madam Li and Auntie Tian.
Seeing that Shen Yijia had come so late, Madam Li did not ask further although she was curious.

At the embroidery shop, they bought enough wool and cotton for the family to make two sets of winter clothes each.
It cost nearly five taels of silver.

They stuffed the goods into the carriage before returning to the village.

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Auntie Tian looked at the things in the carriage and was secretly speechless.
This thin cotton cost 30 copper coins per foot.
She felt that it was better to buy coarse cloth.

When they returned to the village, it was already past lunchtime.
They did not expect it to take so long, so Madam Li did not prepare any food in advance.

She thought that Song Jingchen and the others were going to starve…

However, as soon as she entered the courtyard, she saw Song Jingchen and the twins eating in the central room.

Shen Yijia was quite curious.

“Mother, Sister-in-law, you’re back.” Brother Hao sat facing the door and saw them immediately.

Only then did Song Jingchen turn around.

Shen Yijia was also extremely hungry.
She asked curiously, “Who cooked this? It looks quite delicious.”

Song Jingchen opened his mouth and was about to answer when footsteps came from the kitchen.
An Xiu’er walked in with a bowl of soup.

Seeing the situation in the central room, An Xiu’er paused and greeted them with a red face.
“Madam Li, Sister Shen, you’re back.
You haven’t eaten yet, right? I just finished cooking.
Sit down and eat.”

Shen Yijia tilted her head and watched as An Xiu’er placed the soup on the table and naturally filled a bowl for each of the three of them.
An Xiu’er then turned around and went to the kitchen to get two sets of cutlery.


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