a looked at the old book in her hand and felt better.

Her desire to earn money grew stronger.

Seeing that it was getting late and there were still many things to buy, Shen Yijia did not stay any longer and drove the carriage to the rice and flour shop.

She spent a tael of silver to buy some rice and noodles.
There were also cheap coarse grains.
Not to mention the others in the family, she was also not used to them.
Thus, Shen Yijia decided to buy the grains which had better quality.

She did not want to make herself suffer in this aspect.
In her previous life, she had heard that money was earned, not saved.
Shen Yijia felt that it made sense.

After coming out of the shop, Shen Yijia was about to get into the carriage when a few ruffians surrounded her.

“Yo, when did such a hot girl come to our town?”

“That’s right.
This is the first time I’ve seen such a hot young lady.
Do you want to play with us?”

The two people at the front, one tall and one short, reached out their groping hands to Shen Yijia as they spoke.
The people behind them also laughed.

When the surrounding pedestrians saw this situation, they avoided her.
They looked at Shen Yijia with sympathy.
Clearly, this was not the first time this had happened.

Shen Yijia tilted her head.
Just as the two hands were about to touch the corner of her clothes, she took a step back, reached out, and shouted, “Wait a minute.”

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They both paused and were about to get mad.

Shen Yijia continued, “There are too many people here.
Let’s find a less crowded place.”

“Haha, did I hear wrongly? This young lady wants to find a quiet place to play with us.” The tall man even dug his ears.

“Big Brother, I heard it too.”

“I didn’t know she knew how to play.” The tall man’s smile faded.
Come with me.
We promise to satisfy you.”

Shen Yijia blinked and nodded seriously.
She did not forget to ask the waiter to help look after the carriage.

She followed the group without looking back.

They watched as the little girl followed the group of hooligans into an alley and disappeared from everyone’s sight.

Many people shook their heads and sighed.

“Unfortunately, this girl won’t be coming back…”

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