Why did they want sleeve crossbows instead of regular crossbows? Of course, it was because they were still young.
It would be easier for them to carry the sleeve crossbows which were smaller and lighter.

“That’s all?” Shen Yijia was speechless.
They hesitated for so long to bring this up.
They were even distracted while eating dinner earlier.

“Sister-in-law, you’re willing to make some for us?” Brother Hao could not believe it.
He thought that his sister-in-law would definitely say that it was dangerous for children to carry it.

To think that he and Sister Huan had spent half a day secretly discussing how to convince her.

“Yes, it’s not a difficult task.
Coincidentally, there’s still some wood left.
I’ll help you make it tomorrow.” Shen Yijia did not think that this was a big deal.
When she was still young, she had already been fighting with all the patients in the courtyard.

Thinking about it now, if she had such a hidden weapon back then, she wouldn’t have suffered so many injuries.

Shen Yijia agreed.
Brother Hao should have been happy, but he hesitated.
“Will Big Brother agree?”

He didn’t want his brother and sister-in-law to quarrel because of them.

“Well… it’s hard to say.” Shen Yijia’s was in a tough position.
If Song Jingchen didn’t agree, she wouldn’t be able to make the sleeve crossbows for the two of them.

“Sister-in-law…” Sister Huan immediately used her trump card and acted cute.

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Shen Yijia felt even more troubled.
She wondered where Sister Huan had learned this trick.
She used to be so afraid of her.

However, she fell for it and could only surrender.
“I’ll help you ask him tonight.”

“I knew that you were the best, Sister-in-law.” Sister Huan stuck out her tongue and ran off with Brother Hao.

Shen Yijia was speechless.

For some reason, she felt like she had been tricked.

Even though she knew it would be difficult, Shen Yijia mentioned it when she was soaking Song Jingchen’s feet.

After all, she was the best sister-in-law in the world.

To Shen Yijia’s surprise, Song Jingchen agreed without thinking.

Shen Yijia believed that adults always prevented children from coming into contact with anything dangerous.

Seeing Shen Yijia’s confusion, Song Jingchen didn’t explain.

It didn’t matter if it was in the past or in the future, danger would always be lurking around the corner.
He might not be able to protect his family in his current state.

He naturally wouldn’t object to them having more things to protect themselves with.

He was glad that Shen Yijia was a strong warrior, and not the Miss Shen from the rumors.

However, on second thought, if it was that person from the rumors, she would probably have left with the letter of divorce when he left the capital.

“Shenzhi! Shenzhi…”

Shen Yijia’s voice pulled Song Jingchen back to reality.

“What happened?”

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“I said, why don’t I teach you how to make these devices! That way, you won’t be bored alone at home.” She had relied on this to pass the time back in her previous life.

Song Jingchen fell silent.
Did she really not know how precious the thing in his hand was? She was going to give away her trade secrets so easily.

“You don’t like doing this?” Seeing that Song Jingchen didn’t answer, Shen Yijia thought that he wasn’t willing to learn.

It was just like how she didn’t like to write, but Song Jingchen still made her write 200 words a day.

Song Jingchen shook his head.
“No, but are you sure you can teach me?”

“You’re my husband.
Of course I believe you.” This sounded a little childish.
She had just come to this world and was unfamiliar with the place.
She only knew that she had him as her husband.
Furthermore, he was so good-looking.

Shen Yijia naturally treated Song Jingchen as the person closest to her in this world.

This was also the reason why she used the spiritual liquid to save him in the beginning.

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