There was no more water in the room.
Shen Yijia poured the tea and brought it into the room as quickly as she could, but she still couldn’t make it in time.

She only managed to see a small part of Song Jingchen’s body.
Shen Yijia glanced at Song Jingchen resentfully and gave him the cup of tea.

She sat at the table and looked at him.
Seeing a little bit of him was better than nothing!

The scars on Song Jingchen’s body had long been repaired by the spiritual liquid.
Since Song Jingchen didn’t ask, Shen Yijia pretended not to know.

Under Shen Yijia’s burning gaze, Song Jingchen finished bathing.
He took a robe from the side and casually put it on.
He coughed dryly.
“I’m done.”

Oh my, there was such a thing.
Shen Yijia, who thought she could see a beauty come out of the shower, was speechless.

She was so disappointed.

“Shenzhi, do you want to go to the toilet?” This time, Shen Yijia definitely didn’t have any other thoughts.
She was simply afraid that Song Jingchen would hold it in because he was too embarrassed to say anything.

Song Jingchen nodded softly, looking defeated.

Actually, when they first moved in, Uncle Yang had already prepared a toilet bowl in the corner of the toilet.
There was no need for Shen Yijia to do anything.

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After he used the toilet, Shen Yijia helped Song Jingchen dry his hair.
Only then did the two of them rest.

Shen Yijia did not know if it was her imagination, but she felt that the two of them had become closer tonight.

As expected, using the bathroom together had an extraordinary effect on a relationship.

Early the next morning, Shen Yijia carried a hoe and sorted out the plot of land that Madam Li wanted to use for planting crops.

It might be a tiring job for others, but it was quite easy for Shen Yijia.

Madam Li originally wanted to buy a few chickens, but Auntie Tian said that a batch of chicks had just hatched at home.
In order to thank Shen Yijia for saving An Dong’s life, she gave them the chicks and refused to accept the money.

Shen Yijia built a chicken coop in the backyard.

The two children finally had something to do.
They surrounded the chicks and sized them up happily for a long time before running out to look for insects.

Shen Yijia didn’t care which vegetables were going to be planted in the vegetable field.
The wood had dried up, and she was in a hurry to make the wheelchair.

It was not difficult to make a wheelchair, but it still took Shen Yijia a lot of effort to cut wood and make wheels.

Coupled with the fact that it was her first time making it, it took her six days to finish.
This was even with Song Jingchen’s help.
If Shen Yijia was alone, it would have taken even longer.

It wasn’t completed yet.
Shen Yijia carefully polished and waxed it twice before considering it complete.

Looking at the strange-looking chair, the two children and Madam Li found it interesting.

She couldn’t tell what Song Jingchen and Shen Yijia were working on all day, but she found it magical.

“Sister-in-law, can Big Brother walk on his own now that he has this chair?” Brother Hao was happy for his big brother.
His big brother must’ve felt terrible staying in his room every day.
Even if he came out, he could only sit in one place in the courtyard and had to be carried around by Shen Yijia.

With this chair, things would be different.

Shen Yijia nodded and started explaining matter-of-factly, “Of course.
This is called a wheelchair.
Do you see the two wheels below…”

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Shen Yijia introduced the wheelchair in detail.
To prevent any accidents, there was a button installed on the armrest.
As long as someone pressed the button, the wheelchair would stop.

This design was added because she had seen too many patients in the courtyard get injured while playing with wheelchairs.
She didn’t want her husband to get injured because of the wheelchair.

More than that, she had made a secret compartment in the armrest.
She pulled a sword from one side of it and a short dagger from the other.

Everyone present exclaimed in surprise.
Shen Yijia smiled in satisfaction and raised her eyebrows at Song Jingchen.

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