At the An family’s residence.

An Xiu’er was cooking the two pig trotters in the kitchen, while An Dong helped with the fire.

The aroma of meat filled the kitchen, and An Xiu’er sniffed.
Although An Dong often went hunting in the mountains, he didn’t always manage to catch something.
Even if he did, he would exchange most of it for money to buy medicine for their father.

She would only make some soup for her father to nourish him.
It was very rare for them to have so much meat.
Thinking of the origins of these two pig trotters, An Xiu’er couldn’t help but remind him, “Big Brother, be careful when you go up the mountain next time.
It’s all thanks to that girl this time.
Don’t forget that our father was bitten by a wild boar back then.”

Thinking of the scene at that time, fear still lingered in An Dong’s heart.
He was even more grateful to Shen Yijia.
He nodded.
“I understand.”

“Dongzi encountered wild boars again when he went up the mountain today?” Suddenly, a weak voice sounded.

It turned out that Father An wanted to ask what was going on when he saw that the bow in the courtyard was broken.
He did not expect to hear the siblings’ conversation before he entered the kitchen.

When he remembered the sight of the broken bow, he understood everything.

With that, he started coughing violently.

“Father, don’t be anxious.
An Dong is fine.” Hearing the commotion, Auntie Tian quickly came out of the house to pat his back.

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An Dong was shocked and glared at An Xiu’er.
He poured a cup of tea and handed it over.
“Father, it was a coincidence that my bow and arrow were broken today.
Besides, I’m perfectly fine right now.”

Father An waved away An Dong’s hand.
“You won’t be so lucky every time.
I wonder what would have happened if we hadn’t met a good person this time.
Why don’t you stop hunting in the mountains in the future? Our family still has two acres of land.
If we rent two more acres, we can plant enough crops to get by.”

If Shen Yijia was involved in this conversation, she would’ve said immediately, “No, I’m not a good person.
I just wanted that wild boar.”

Auntie Tian felt that Father An’s words made sense.
She hesitated and said, “Why don’t you listen to your father?”

“No way, where will I get the money for father’s medicine if I don’t go hunting?” An Dong refused immediately.

Everyone fell silent at his words.

Father An wanted to say that the medicine didn’t improve his health at all, so why drag his family down? However, when he thought about his son’s temper, he could only sigh heavily.

Auntie Tian discreetly wiped her tears.

An Xiu’er did not expect that her words would almost make the family quarrel.
She was so anxious that tears streamed down her face.

“Father, Mother.
Don’t worry.
I’ve been fine for so many years.
I’ll be more careful next time.” Not knowing how to persuade them, An Dong could only reassure them again.

After saying that, he glanced at An Xiu’er.

An Xiu’er quickly wiped her tears and walked over to hold Father An’s hand.
“Father, don’t think too much.
Big Brother has always been sensible.”

Father An waved his hand helplessly.
“Go and thank that person properly tomorrow.”

With that, he limped to the courtyard and picked up the broken bow to repair it.

In the end, he was the one who implicated this family.
He had two filial children, what was there for him to be dissatisfied with?

Shen Yijia did not know that the two pig trotters she gave had caused such a fuss within the An family.

She spread the logs in the courtyard to dry them.

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Without her noticing, the sky had already turned dark.
Madam Li had already brought the two children back to their room to sleep.

Because Uncle Yang was not around, there was an empty room.
Madam Li asked Brother Hao to stay in it, saying that Brother Hao was a boy after all.

Shen Yijia believed Madam Li’s words.
Only Song Jingchen knew the reason behind Madam Li’s actions.

“Alright, it’s time to rest.
It’s not too late to do it tomorrow.” Song Jingchen stopped Shen Yijia from continuing.

Shen Yijia looked up at the sky and realized that she had been busy for the whole day.

She stretched and carried Song Jingchen back to their room.

When they returned to the house, the two of them remembered something at the same time and looked at each other.
Shen Yijia’s eyes sparkled.

Song Jingchen was speechless.

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