An Dong helped sell the remaining boar meat for four taels of silver.
When Shen Yijia woke up, he had just sent the money over and left.

Holding the silver that Madam Li handed over, Shen Yijia casually muttered, “It’s all thanks to him this time.”

After saying that, Shen Yijia picked up a piece of silver and bit it.
It hurt a little.

However, Shen Yijia did not mind at all.
Instead, she grinned.
This was the first time she’d earned an income since she came to this world, and she was very satisfied.

Song Jingchen ignored the strange feeling in his heart and asked casually, “Are you that happy?”

“Of course.
This isn’t just four taels of silver.
It’s also the source of our income.
We won’t have to worry about not being able to eat in the future.” She still remembered what Song Jingchen had said to her when he gave her the divorce letter.

With this, she did not believe that she would ever starve in the future.

Shen Yijia divided the silver pieces into five portions, since there were five of them.
“Come, one for each person.”

“Sister-in-law, Elder Brother said that you’re in charge of this family now, I don’t want the silver.” Brother Hao looked at the money in front of him and said.

In the past, he had casually rewarded his servants with more money than this.
Now that his sister-in-law carried this burden of feeding them, Brother Hao felt depressed and uncomfortable.

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Seeing her brother say this, Sister Huan put the silver back in embarrassment.
“I don’t want it either.”

Shen Yijia reached out and smacked their heads gently.
“This silver is different.
No matter what, it’s the first time I’ve earned money.
You have to keep it, understand? I’ll keep all the money I earn in the future.”

Afraid that the two children would overthink, Shen Yijia promised, “Don’t worry, our family will have more and more money.
I guarantee that none of us will starve.”

The two of them were still a little hesitant.
Song Jingchen coughed dryly and put his share into his wallet.
“Put them away! I’ll also think of a way to earn money in the future.”

Seeing this, Madam Li also took the lead and picked up her share.
“Me too.
I heard from Auntie Tian that we can go to town to pick up some embroidery work and bring it back to complete it.
When the time comes, Mother can also subsidize the household by doing some embroidery work.”

“Then what can Sister Huan and I do?”

Shen Yijia thought for a moment and said, “I see that many families in the village raise chickens.
Why don’t we raise a few too? When the time comes, you and Sister Huan will be in charge of catching insects for them.
When the chickens lay eggs, we can eat them ourselves or sell them for money.”

Hearing that they could also contribute to this family, Brother Hao and Sister Huan did not hesitate to accept the money.
At the same time, they secretly swore to catch more insects and let the chickens lay more eggs.

“That’s good.
I’ll go to Auntie Tian’s house tomorrow and ask where I can buy chickens.
There’s still an empty space behind the house, I think we can reclaim it and grow some vegetables,” Madam Li said.

“Alright, I’ll go and tidy up tomorrow.” Although she had never been to that area, she had seen it.
To Shen Yijia, anything that could be resolved with strength was not a problem.

“We can help pull the weeds—”

Song Jingchen watched as Shen Yijia and his family made plans for the household’s future.

Song Jingchen’s heart felt warm.
If his father and grandfather were fine, this simple life was not bad at all.
Unfortunately, there was no chance of that anymore…

“You’ve been sitting outside all afternoon.
Do you want me to carry you in and rest for a while?” Seeing that Song Jingchen was silent, Shen Yijia thought that he was tired.

Song Jingchen shook his head.
“Let’s go in after dinner.”

“That works too.”

Thinking that she wouldn’t be able to do much work even if she dug out the vegetable field tonight, Shen Yijia simply went to fiddle with her pile of wood.

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The wheelchair had to be made as soon as possible.

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