Little Madam Liu glanced at Song Maolin’s share of the meat and felt a little envious.

However, she did not dare to oppose her brother-in-law.
She watched resentfully as her husband stuffed the meat into his mouth.

She lowered her head and took a bite of rice before turning her gaze back to her son’s bowl.
Her eyes darted around, and she reached out with her chopsticks to take the meat away from his bowl.

She coaxed, “Fu Bao, I’ll feed you!”

After saying that, she bit half of it before giving it to Fu Bao.

Song Maolin frowned and instantly lost his appetite.

Noticing his expression, Song Dajiang glared at Madam Liu.

Madam Liu felt wronged.
She was so angry that she slapped the back of Little Madam Liu’s head and scolded, “You greedy woman.
I was blind to let Dalin marry you.”

Little Madam Liu argued, “Aunt, I didn’t do anything.
I just fed Fu Bao!”

Madam Liu spat.
“What do you mean by that? Fu Bao is already three years old and can eat by himself, yet you’re suddenly thinking of feeding him today?”

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Little Madam Liu smiled awkwardly and lowered her head to eat.

“Wife, you’re pregnant.
I’ll give it to you!” Song Erlin gave Madam Chen his meat.

Madam Chen smiled gently at him.

Song Jiayue rolled her eyes and said, “Mother, I went up the mountain with Zhao Zhao to pick up fungi today.
Guess what we saw?”

Zhao Zhao was the village chief’s daughter, Song Mingzhao.

Having successfully attracted the attention of the family, Song Jiayue didn’t keep them in suspense and continued, “I saw An Dong send a big wild boar over to the outcasts.”

“You must be mistaken.
The An family lives next door.
They were probably returning to their own home.” Madam Liu obviously didn’t believe it.
Only a fool would give so much meat to others.

Song Jiayue panicked.
“How could that be? Zhaozhao and I specially watched over that house.
When he came out, he wasn’t holding anything.
Oh right, there was also that weird girl from that day.
The two of them came down from the mountain together.”

Madam Liu clicked her tongue.
“A man and a woman coming down from the mountain alone, it can’t be anything good.
Don’t meddle in their affairs.”

Little Madam Liu was focused on something different.
She interrupted, “Aunt, do you think they would give us some meat if we asked them for it?”

Song Erlin usually didn’t like to care about other people’s affairs.
At this moment, he couldn’t help but say, “Sister-in-law, you wish.
Even without mentioning what happened in the past, just look at how the atmosphere was like when they returned.
It’s already a blessing that they didn’t stab you.
Besides, haven’t we already severed ties with them? Why should they give us any meat?”

“Even though they’ve been excommunicated, their surname is still Song.
Our father is an elder.
Even if we don’t acknowledge them, they still need to be filial to father? You didn’t see it, but that day, they brought a lot of things home and received a lot of money…”

Madam Liu was a little tempted when she heard that.

However, the news had spread throughout the village.
It was said that a starving camel was still bigger than a horse.
They bought so many things at once, so they must have brought back a lot of money.

If they took all that money from the outcasts, they wouldn’t have to worry about their third son’s future.
Their daughter’s dowry would also increase in the future.

She glanced at Song Dajiang and saw that he only ate without making a sound.
After being married for so many years, how could Madam Liu not understand what he meant? He didn’t object to her visiting the outcasts.

She interrupted their argument with a dry cough, pretending to be conflicted.
“Little Madam Liu is right.
We’re still affiliated.
I’ll go over there to take a look after dinner.”

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Little Madam Liu hurriedly tried to get on her good side.
“Aunt, I’ll go with you.”

Madam Liu glared at her angrily.
“You’re such a busybody.
You’re everywhere.”

But she didn’t object.

Song Jiayue and Song Maolin looked at each other and didn’t say anything.

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