Shen Yijia carried a machete and headed straight for the mountains.

In her previous life, apart from fighting, there was nothing else she could do in the courtyard.
She could only occasionally make some small toys.

However, at that time, the materials were limited.
What she made were palm-sized mini-machines, which were much more difficult to make than a wheelchair.

There was no air pollution in this area, so Shen Yijia could smell the refreshing fragrance from the plants.

Afraid that she would get lost, she did not dare to go too deep into the forest.
She did not know much about wood, she only knew that pine could be used as furniture.

Fortunately, before long, Shen Yijia saw a small pine forest.

She chose a few trees with thicker trunks and raised her machete to chop down a few.

She estimated how much wood she would need to build the wheelchair.
Remembering the assassination attempt, she also wanted to make a few crossbows for Song Jingchen to protect himself.

She shaved off the excess branches of the pine tree and casually tied the logs up with a vine.
Shen Yijia was about to carry it down the mountain.

However, just as she turned around, she saw a figure running towards her from the depths of the mountain.
It was as if she was being chased by a ghost.

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She took a closer look and saw that it was none other than the handsome young man she had just met yesterday.

Song Jingchen mentioned Auntie Tian in the morning.
She was An Dong’s mother.

Before Shen Yijia could greet him, An Dong saw her.

He narrowed his eyes.
“Run,” he roared urgently.

With that, he gritted his teeth and ran in a different direction.

Shen Yijia rubbed her head in confusion and decided to ignore him.

As this thought flashed through her mind, she noticed a pig running behind An Dong.

It was probably an adult wild boar.
It was too fast, so Shen Yijia did not see it clearly.
Based on its size, it was definitely an adult.

Thinking of something, Shen Yijia’s eyes lit up.
She placed the pine tree on the ground and followed him with her machete.

An Dong’s family had moved to Xiagou Village ten years ago.
They were refugees from Qingping Town which suffered from a famine.

In the end, they stayed in Xiagou Village.
The villagers had never liked outsiders like them.

An Dong’s father was a good hunter.
In the early years, he often gave some of his game to the villagers.

The villagers benefited from the An family, so they were too embarrassed to target them.

There were also some villagers who were jealous and wanted to try their luck by going up the mountain.
However, they were unlucky and ran into a herd of wild boars.

An Dong’s father happened to encounter them while hunting in the mountains, and he wouldn’t leave them behind.

In the end, An Dong’s father saved the villagers, but he lost a leg.
His whole body was injured and now he had to take medicinal supplements every day.

Not only were the villagers not grateful to the Andong family, they also blamed him.
They said that no one in the village would have gone hunting in the mountains before the An family moved in.
In their minds, it was An Dong’s father who led the village astray.

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Not only did the rescue not end well, but it also made the villagers dislike them even more.
They received no support, and the four of them almost died.

It was the young An Dong who picked up his father’s bow and shouldered the responsibility of supporting the family.

An Dong felt really unlucky today.
He had hunted a few wild boars over the years.

However, his bow suddenly broke today.
He didn’t think he had the ability to fight a wild boar with his bare hands, so he could only retreat.

As he ran, An Dong realized that something was wrong.
Why was it so quiet?

He looked back.

The wild boar that had been chasing him a moment ago was nowhere to be seen.

He remembered the lady he saw while running and his heart stopped for a moment.
He gritted her teeth and ran in the direction he came from.


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