In her previous life, she had fought with others for a wheelchair in the courtyard.

If Song Jingchen had this thing, he could go out by himself and not stay in bed all day.

Shen Yijia’s face turned red with excitement, and her eyes sparkled.

Seeing Song Jingchen’s curious expression, she explained the structure of a wheelchair to him.

“It’s basically like a chair with two wheels.” Shen Yijia added.
She thought that this was the easiest metaphor to understand.

Her mouth was dry from talking.
However, she looked at Song Jingchen and found that his face was filled with confusion.

Shen Yijia was speechless.

She lowered her head and scratched her head.
She was frustrated.
Was her ability to describe things really that bad?

The corners of Song Jingchen’s mouth curled up imperceptibly, but he quickly suppressed it.

With a dry cough, he said, “Get me a pen, inkstone, and paper.”

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“Alright.” Shen Yijia pouted.

She thought to herself that she would definitely surprise Song Jingchen when she made it.

She definitely would!

Song Jingchen didn’t explain what he was up to.
He watched as Shen Yijia moved the table with the inkstone to the bed.

He was about to pick up the ink slab when he thought of something.
He paused and said, “Didn’t you say that you wanted to learn how to write? Let’s start with the ink!”

Shen Yijia was speechless.

She suddenly wanted to go back and beat herself up for saying that.

She blinked and smacked her head.
“You haven’t had breakfast yet.
I’ll heat it up for you.
We’ll learn after you’re done eating.”

As she spoke, she ran out and secretly decided to get Brother Hao to bring the food over instead.

She was such a clever little devil.

Looking at Shen Yijia’s fleeing figure, Song Jingchen couldn’t help but chuckle.

Every time he taught her to read, she would fall asleep.
Song Jingchen knew how much she hated learning how to read.

He slowly picked up the ink slab and studied it.

After some thought, he picked up a brush and started drawing on the paper.

When Shen Yijia entered the kitchen, Madam Li had already warmed up the porridge.

Shen Yijia glanced around.
Before Madam Li could say anything, she spoke, “Mother, on the way here yesterday, I saw a river nearby.
I’ll bring Brother Hao and Sister Huan to see if there are any fish inside.
We’ll catch a few and bring them back for lunch.”

Madam Li looked at the tray in her hand and was about to reach out when she said hesitantly, “Will it be dangerous?”

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“No, it won’t be.
I’ll be there with them.
Besides, I won’t let the two of them go into the river.” As she spoke, Shen Yijia winked.

“Mother, we want to go.
We’ll definitely listen to Sister-in-law and not run around!” The two of them promised in unison.

They secretly wanted to go and play.

“Then be careful!” Madam Li agreed helplessly.
After saying that, she carried the porridge to Song Jingchen’s room.

Shen Yijia heaved a sigh of relief.

“Sister-in-law, are there really fish in the river?”

Back in the capital, Brother Hao had never seen anyone catch a fish in person, let alone a lady.

He couldn’t help but ask out of curiosity.

“Of course! I’ll catch two more for you later.” Shen Yijia promised without thinking.

Shen Yijia held their little hands and walked towards the river.

It wasn’t far from where they were now.
They could see it from outside the gate, it was less than 15 minutes away.

At this hour, everyone was busy in the fields.
Although they lived in a remote area, they inevitably encountered a few villagers along the way.

When they saw Shen Yijia and the two children, they stopped and looked at them curiously.
Then, they lowered their heads in disdain and continued working.

It was as if Shen Yijia and the other two were tainted with bad luck.

When they remembered what happened with the Song clan yesterday, the two children blushed and lowered their heads.
They glanced at their sister-in-law, who continued walking as if nothing had happened.

They also raised their heads.

Shen Yijia smiled.
That’s more like it.

The three of them reached the river and found two other people there.

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