She blurted out, “Did you sleep well last night?”

After saying that, Shen Yijia regretted it and almost bit her tongue.

“I should have let go of his hand first!” she thought.

Hearing this, Song Jingchen immediately thought of her hands touching him and her head burrowing into his arms.

Song Jingchen felt his chest swell.
He released his grip on Shen Yijia as if nothing had happened and turned around to continue sleeping.

If one ignored the tips of his ears which were slightly red…

Uncle Yang woke up early in the morning to prepare breakfast.
There was plain porridge and a small plate of pickled vegetables.
Meanwhile, Lin Mu and the others had already left before dawn.

When Uncle Yang mentioned it, Shen Yijia found it strange, so she asked, “There’s nothing urgent, why did they leave so early?”

Uncle Yang looked at Shen Yijia meaningfully and lowered his head to eat his porridge.

Shen Yijia was puzzled and looked at Madam Li.

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Madam Li coughed dryly and changed the topic.
“Is Brother Chen still asleep?”

Typically, they wouldn’t chat while eating, but they dined with Shen Yijia during the journey.

She kept chatting while eating.
She would comment on how the dishes tasted, or tease Brother Hao and Sister Huan.

Everyone was used to it by now, so they stopped following the typical dining etiquette.

“Not yet.
Hubby didn’t sleep well last night.
I’ll leave some for him to eat when he wakes up,” Shen Yijia replied honestly.

Madam Li didn’t think too much about it when she heard this, although Song Jingchen usually looked like he was fine.

However, as a mother, Madam Li could clearly feel that her son had a lot on his mind every day.

Because of the deaths of her husband and father-in-law, and also because he would never be able to stand again.

“Sister-in-law, is your hand injured?” Brother Hao looked at Shen Yijia with concern.

The moment he said that, everyone at the table, including Sister Huan, looked at Shen Yijia’s hand.

Shen Yijia used her chopsticks with trembling hands.
The pickle that she picked up fell onto the table.

She rubbed her nose awkwardly and waved her hand.
“No, I’m not injured… My hands are just a little sore.”

As soon as Shen Yijia finished speaking, Uncle Yang choked and coughed violently.


Madam Li suddenly remembered that her son didn’t like sleeping in, and her face turned red.


She looked at Shen Yijia reproachfully.
Why did this child blurt everything out?


Shen Yijia fell silent.

“Did I say anything wrong?” she thought to herself.

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“What the hell are you guys thinking?”

Something was off.

Their meal ended in silence.

After breakfast, Shen Yijia and Madam Li finished washing the clothes they had changed out of yesterday.
They were about to hang them up to dry.

There was a sudden loud noise from the room.
Shen Yijia quickly put down her clothes and ran towards the room.

She saw a shattered teacup on the ground.
Fortunately, Song Jingchen was half-leaning on the bed.

Shen Yijia heaved a sigh of relief.
“Shenzhi, why didn’t you call me if you wanted to drink water?”

“It’s not far.
I thought I could reach it!” Song Jingchen lowered his eyes, his voice filled with defeat.

They had overcome so many challenges along the way, but this trivial matter made Song Jingchen realize that he was truly crippled.

When Madam Li heard this, she stopped walking towards the room.

Wiping the corners of her eyes, she took a deep breath and left silently.

“I’ve said it before, this is only temporary.
You’ll get better.” Shen Yijia looked at Song Jingchen seriously.

When he met those eyes, for some reason, Song Jingchen was suddenly thankful that Shen Yijia didn’t entertain the thought of a divorce back then.

Thinking of something, Shen Yijia exclaimed, “I know.”

“What is it?” Song Jingchen asked curiously.

“It’s a wheelchair.
Do you know about wheelchairs? With a wheelchair, you can move around the courtyard on your own even if no one carries you.” Shen Yijia was annoyed at herself for not thinking of it earlier.

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