The night was silent except for the occasional chirping of cicadas from outside.

Shen Yijia, who usually fell asleep immediately, was unable to sleep.

In the beginning, she was a little shy, but now, she was too excited to sleep.

The bed was not big.
There was only an arm’s length of space between the two of them.

She could clearly hear the steady breathing of the person beside her.

Shen Yijia opened her eyes and tilted her head slightly to look at the person beside her.

The moonlight shone in through the window, adding a hazy look to Song Jingchen’s side profile.
He was so good looking that he looked like a person from a painting.

Shen Yijia’s heart beat faster as she watched.

She quickly covered her wildly beating heart and wondered if she was sick.

She waited for a while before her heartbeat returned to normal.
Shen Yijia was relieved.
She looked at Song Jingchen’s perfect profile again.

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She called out tentatively, “Hubby, are you asleep?”

Song Jingchen didn’t react.

“Shenzhi, are you asleep?” Shen Yijia called out again, raising her voice slightly.

There was still no response.

After confirming that Song Jingchen was asleep, a sly look flashed across Shen Yijia’s eyes.

She carefully moved closer to Song Jingchen.

She propped her head up with his elbow.
Now she could see Song Jingchen’s entire face.

Looking at this almost perfect and handsome face, Shen Yijia felt her mouth go dry and she swallowed silently.

Holding her breath, she reached out her other hand and secretly reached for Song Jingchen’s face.

She gently pinched him.

“Ahhhhhhh, my husband’s skin is so good!”

Shen Yijia squealed in her head.

Every time she pinched Brother Hao’s face, she had imagined pinching Song Jingchen’s face one day.

She hadn’t expected it to happen so soon.

Although there wasn’t as much meat on Song Jingchen’s face compared to Brother Hao’s, it felt good.
Shen Yijia was very satisfied.

After pinching him again, Shen Yijia touched Song Jingchen’s face a few times..

Satisfied, she retreated to her position and closed her eyes.

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Not long after, Shen Yijia fell asleep.

Shen Yijia thought that Song Jingchen was asleep, but he suddenly opened his eyes.
His eyes were clear, and he didn’t look like he had just woken up.

Song Jingchen tilted his head and looked at Shen Yijia, who was snoring from time to time.
He couldn’t help but reach out to touch his cheek that had just been pinched.
His expression was indescribable.


After spending some time together, he began to waver in his suspicions.
He wondered if Shen Yijia couldn’t make her move since there were too many people around.

Therefore, when Madam Li suggested that he share a room with Shen Yijia, he did not object.

After returning to her room, he pretended to fall asleep early in order to create an opportunity for Shen Yijia to attack him.

But he didn’t anticipate this situation.

Song Jingchen rubbed his temples helplessly and wondered if he was wrong.

Ever since his father and grandfather died, he simply couldn’t bring himself to casually trust someone who treated him well for no apparent reason.

If Shen Yijia knew what Song Jingchen was thinking, she would definitely chastise him.
She would’ve said, “Isn’t my motive obvious! I covet your beauty!”


In a certain mansion in the capital, a handsome man sat in a pavilion while playing a zither.

The beautiful sound of the zither sounded from his slender fingers.

There was a man in black kneeling respectfully in front of him.

If Song Jingchen were here, he would realize that this man in black also had a crescent moon mark on his face.

The handsome man didn’t seem to see the man in black.
He continued to focus on playing the zither in his hand.

When the last note fell, he looked up at the kneeling person.

He had a face that could charm anyone at first sight.

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