Another ten days passed in a flash.

They finally arrived at their destination, Xiagou Village.
Most of the people living there had the surname ‘Song’.

There were only a few foreign surnames.

It was noon, and the people working in the fields were returning home for lunch.

When they saw the two carriages, they stopped and watched curiously.

After all, no one in their village could afford a carriage.
It was already a luxury to own an ox cart, and this was the first time a carriage had come to their village.

They all wondered if some rich relative had come back to visit.

The carriage stopped.
One of the accompanying guards said something to the man inside.

Then, the guards asked the closest man a few questions.
He then led the way and the group headed for the village.

Once they left, a curious woman leaned over to the young man and asked, “Dongzi, what did that person say to you just now?”

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“They asked for directions.” Without looking at the woman, Andong picked up his bow and headed directly for the mountains.

“Tsk, this jinx.
I haven’t finished talking…” The woman cursed.

Led by Lin Mu, the carriage stopped in front of the village chief’s house.

Shen Yijia looked around.
Xiagou Village was surrounded by mountains.
Most of the families in the village had adobe-style houses.
Only the village chief’s house and a few houses in the middle of the village were built with bricks.

It seemed to Shen Yijia that this village was even poorer than she had imagined.
Fortunately, she had a few hundred taels of silver in her hands now.
There was no need to panic.

“It’s not convenient here.
Why don’t you stay in the carriage later?” Shen Yijia suggested.

It wasn’t that she found it troublesome, but she had seen and learnt a lot along the way.

For example, every time Song Jingchen got off the carriage at an inn, the people around him would look at him strangely.

Every time that happened, although Song Jingchen’s face remained expressionless, Shen Yijia still felt the atmosphere around him become gloomy.

Moreover, she didn’t like others looking at Song Jingchen like that.

Along the way, she often fed Song Jingchen the spiritual liquid, using up a lot of it.

However, there was still no reaction from Song Jingchen’s legs.
However, his body wasn’t as sickly as before.

Shen Yijia was not someone who could hide her thoughts.
Seeing her expression, there was still something Song Jingchen didn’t understand.

He felt a slight warmth in his heart.
He reached out and rubbed Shen Yijia’s head.
“Do you know what to say later?”

She wondered why Song Jingchen liked to rub her head so much.

Shen Yijia nodded docilely.
“I know.
I need to tell them that we’ll be staying here in the future.
Mother will also be there.”

Song Jingchen nodded and didn’t refuse her kindness.

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At this moment, the village chief and his family were sitting in the courtyard having lunch when they heard a commotion at the door.

The village chief’s wife, Madam Cui, glanced at her daughter-in-law Madam Zeng.
Madam Zeng was feeding her daughter.
She threw down her chopsticks and said, “Hey, go and see who’s here.
Why is a little girl eating so much every day?”

Madam Zeng cowered and silently put down her daughter, who had just taken two bites of food.
She stood up to open the door.

Behind him, Madam Cui could be heard complaining, “You can’t even give birth to a son.
You’re always hugging this worthless child like she’s gold…”

Madam Zeng acted as if she did not hear her and slowly pulled open the courtyard door.

Seeing two carriages parked outside the door, she rubbed her hands nervously and asked, “Who are you looking for?”

Cui’s voice was not soft, and Shen Yijia heard it from outside the door.
When she saw the person involved, she rubbed her nose awkwardly.
“We’re here to look for the village chief.”

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