Brother Hao still looked a little like Song Jingchen.
Shen Yijia wondered if Song Jingchen was also this cute when he was young.

She imagined Song Jingchen sleeping in her arms like this, and couldn’t help but want to laugh.

Afraid of disturbing others, she endured it with all her might, her shoulders shaking slightly.

She successfully attracted the attention of both Madam Li and Song Jingchen.

Shen Yijia laughed dryly and said, “Brother Hao is so cute.”

Song Jingchen glanced at him and didn’t say anything.
He was really worried that Brother Hao would be raised with questionable morals in the future.

He stopped resting and took out a book to read.

On the other hand, Madam Li seemed to be in better spirits when her son was mentioned.
She added, “That’s right.
Brother Hao was born at the same time as Sister Huan, but he thinks that as a boy, he’s more sensible than a girl.
He’s been the butt of many jokes since he was young.”

Shen Yijia’s interest was piqued.
She glanced at Song Jingchen, who was reading, and quietly sat closer to Madam Li.
She lowered her voice and asked, “What about Song Jingchen? Was he this cute when he was young?”

She thought her voice was soft, but it was still loud enough in a confined space like the carriage.

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Song Jingchen wasn’t deaf, so could definitely hear it.
Besides, he had been practicing martial arts since he was young, so his senses were sharp.

Madam Li was also amused by Shen Yijia and showed her first true smile in the past few days.
She said, “Brother Chen wasn’t like Brother Hao when he was young.
He loved to cause trouble.
As soon as he learned to walk, he brought the servants along with him to dig out bird nests in the trees.
He didn’t allow anyone to help him and insisted on climbing up by himself.
But he was still young, how could he have had the strength to climb up? It was only later that his father…”

Madam Li paused for a moment before continuing, “It was his father who lifted him up and let him take the bird’s nest himself…”

As she spoke, Madam Li’s eyes turned red again.

Shen Yijia remained silent.

Sensing Song Jiang Chen’s gaze, she could only brace herself and comfort Madam Li.
“Mother, don’t be sad.
In the future, I can also carry Song Jingchen to dig out bird nests.
I’m very strong!”


She nodded seriously as he spoke.

Although she didn’t understand what was so fun about digging out a bird’s nest, if Song Jingchen liked it, she would humor him.

Madam Li was speechless.

Song Jingchen was also speechless.

What kind of demonic wife was this?

Although Shen Yijia’s words of consolation missed the main point, it had to be said that her words were quite effective.

That was because Madam Li no longer felt as sad as before.
She even felt like laughing for some reason.

The carriage continued to head south.

Apart from occasionally stopping at towns to replenish their supplies and food, they would rather sleep in the wilderness than rest in an inn.

It felt like their guards were escorting them as prisoners rather than protecting them.

This went on for five days.

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The carriage was hot and stuffy, and there was no way to rest properly.

Madam Li and Song Jingchen, who had yet to recover, were both tormented.

Song Jingchen’s fever repeatedly flared up.

Shen Yijia was anxious, but she knew she could not beat these guards up.
She endured it a few times until her firsts turned red.


She could only dilute the spiritual liquid in water for everyone to drink.
While worrying about them, her heart also ached for the spiritual liquid.

On the sixth night, the carriage once again stopped in the middle of nowhere.

Madam Li got out of the car with the two children to take a breather.
Shen Yijia carried Song Jingchen out of the car as she usually did.

After being carried a few times, Song Jingchen was nearly immune to Shen Yijia’s behavior.


But this time, he stopped her and said weakly, “Let Uncle Yang in.”

“Oh.” Shen Yijia got out of the car and called Uncle Yang over.

“Sister-in-law, Mom asked me to give it to you!” As soon as they got off the carriage, Brother Hao handed her a biscuit.

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