Emperor Chong’an sneered.
“Yu’er is too kind.
He actually came to me to plead for that unfilial son.
Forget it.
He’s my son after all.
I won’t take his life.”


“Since he’s already been disinherited, it’s not appropriate for him to continue living in the Eastern Palace.
Tomorrow, go and pass on a decree from me.
Confer the title of Lord An Le upon the disinherited crown prince and grant him Xunyang.
He’ll have to set off immediately, and will not be allowed to enter the capital without being summoned.”


Eunuch Li hurriedly agreed, but internally, he was fretting about it.

Xunyang was in the north.
It was the poorest region in the country, with the Huns gathering right next to the region.

The people there suffered from the burning, killing, and plundering by the Huns all year round.
Sending a pampered prince over was equivalent to sending him to his death.

Song Jingchen was being sent to Danzhou in the south, while the disinherited crown prince was arranged to stay in Xunyang in the north.
The emperor was still wary of them.

At this moment, a servant walked in and interrupted Eunuch Li’s thoughts.
The servant whispered something in Eunuch Li’s ear and retreated.

Eunuch Li wiped the sweat from his forehead and said carefully, “Your Majesty, someone from the Eternal Spring Palace said that the Imperial Consort personally cooked your favorite dishes today and invited you to try them! Look…”

Emperor Chong’an did not answer.
He only stood up after approving the last memorial.
“Set off to the Eternal Spring Palace!”

The next day.

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Perhaps being worried that she would be forgotten again, Shen Yijia woke up early.


The moment Song Jingchen opened his eyes, he saw Shen Yijia carrying a small bag on her back and sitting by his bed, staring at him.

There was no need to ask about her decision.
The result was obvious.

At this moment, he did not know how to describe his feelings.

It was said that the moment one had fallen from grace, everyone would leave them behind, regardless of how well they got along before.
Just look at the young masters who used to play together with him.
Not a single one of them came to see him.

Only this silly girl wouldn’t leave even if he told her to…

Madam Li brought the two children over to eat.
When she saw Shen Yijia, she was also stunned.

She quickly reacted and felt much better.

Less than ten minutes after they finished their breakfast, a team of officers entered the residence.

The person in the lead was Eunuch Li.
The twins were already traumatized by these people and were trying their best to hide in Madam Li’s arms.

When Eunuch Li explained his intentions, Song Jingchen’s expression remained indifferent, as if he had already expected this.

Madam Li was about to lead her men to pack up when Eunuch Li stopped her.
“His Majesty meant that it’s not convenient to bring too many things since the mountain is high and the road is so long…”

In reality, those words meant that they could not take anything from the residence.

Madam Li suppressed the anger in her heart and said mockingly, “We have to bring a few sets of clothes to change into.
His Majesty is so benevolent.
He wouldn’t possibly keep us from doing so, right?”

Eunuch Li smiled.

After saying that, he waved his hand and got an attendant to follow Madam Li.

The intent was clear.

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Shen Yijia rolled her eyes.
This emperor was really petty.


Seeing that Eunuch Li’s gaze was fixated on her bag, she pursed his lips and said, “This is the dowry I brought from the Shen residence.
Do you want to deduct my dowry? Is your emperor really that poor?”


Eunuch Li flushed bright red at Shen Yijia’s straightforward words.
He continued smiling and averted his gaze.

As expected, Madam Li only packed two sets of plain clothes for everyone.

Eunuch Li glanced at the other eunuch and saw him nod.
“It’s getting late.
The journey is long.
Madam, you should get going now.”

With that, Eunuch Li was about to get someone to carry Song Jingchen when Shen Yijia quickly picked him up from the chair.


She glared at Eunuch Li and headed for the door.

Eunuch Li was speechless.

Song Jingchen was also speechless.


No one said anything about it.


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