Ever since that incident, Song Maolin had rarely appeared at home.
After recovering from his injuries, he would occasionally come out with his head lowered and a gloomy expression.

In Song Dajiang and his wife’s hearts, all of this was caused by Shen Yijia.
They wished they could curse Shen Yijia to die miserably every day.

They wanted to spread rumors to sow discord, but no one in Xiagou Village dared to listen anymore.

The weather was getting colder.
After her first experience of nourishing her body and upgrading the spiritual liquid, Shen Yijia roughly understood the amount of medicinal herbs she needed.
It seemed to be additional information that surfaced in her mind after the first upgrade.

Shen Yijia was living a leisurely life here, completely unaware that someone in town had turned the town upside down to catch her.

When she gathered enough medicinal herbs, there was less than a month left until the new year.
Snow began to fall from the sky.

Along with the snow were uninvited guests from the capital.

The Second Prince, Shangguan Yu.

He did not come alone.
Apart from the guards, he was accompanied by the son and daughter of the current matriarch of the Shen family, Madam Chen.

The seventeen-year-old eldest son, Shen Wenbo, and Shen Ruyun, who was two months older than Shen Yijia.

The group of more than ten people entering the village attracted the villagers’ attention.

Everyone felt a chill in their hearts.
Who else in Xiagou Village could have the ability to make these important-looking people come knocking on their door?

Did this mean that the Song family still had a chance to rise again? The villagers had already offended them completely.
If the Song family were to dig up the past, they wouldn’t be able to repay their mistakes even with ten extra lives.

Many people had this thought.
Among them, the old residence was the most affected.
Little Madam Liu even took her bag and returned to her mother’s house.

Putting all of that aside.

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Shen Yijia opened the door with an umbrella and saw a group of strangers standing outside the courtyard.
She was stunned for a few seconds before she regained her senses and asked, “Who are you looking for?”

She didn’t stay in the Shen residence for long after transmigrating, and the original host had never seen Shangguan Yu before either, so she naturally did not recognize him.

At first glance, Shen Yijia felt that this person was quite good-looking.
He was the most handsome person she had seen in this world besides Song Jingchen.

He wore a white cloak, and his aura was as bright as the moon.

As for Shen Wenbo and his sister, she hadn’t seen them again after taking her revenge on them back in the capital.

As for the Host’s memories, Shen Yijia realized that since she could not remember the faces of those people from the Shen family, they were not important people.
She did not dwell on it.

Shen Yijia’s question made Shangguan Yu pause.
It was rude of them to visit without informing the household beforehand.

He was about to explain who he was and why he was here.

However, Su Ruyun had already stepped forward with red eyes.
“Second Sister, I’m your big sister.
Don’t you recognize me?”

As she spoke, she reached out to grasp Shen Yijia’s hand.

She was wearing a delicate embroidered orange dress in pink, a flowery cloud satin skirt in the same color, and a white brocade cloak trimmed with fur.
She had a hollowed-out butterfly-shaped pin in her hair.

Perhaps it was because it was too cold, but her face was a little stiff.

Shen Yijia put her hands behind her back to avoid Shen Ruyun.
She pretended to think seriously for a moment before shaking her head.
“I don’t know you.”

She made no attempt to hide her avoidance.
Everyone could see it clearly.

Hatred flashed across Su Ruyun’s eyes, but then she looked like she was about to cry.

She had a look on her face that said, “How can you forget me? I’m your dear sister.
You’re hurting my heart.”

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