Not to mention the others in the family, even Song Jingchen felt uncomfortable.

Bruiser, who knew the inside story, was speechless.

So this was what it meant to wash one’s eyes.

He took pride in being the only one who knew the truth.

Song Jingchen looked at Bruiser suspiciously.
Bruiser, who had been warned by Shen Yijia in advance, trembled and glanced around.

He stood up and stammered, “I’ll go home first.”

With that, he ran, as if something terrifying was chasing him.

Song Jingchen was speechless.

At night, Song Jingchen lay in bed with his eyes closed.

He suddenly opened his eyes and met a pair of wide eyes.

It was especially strange in the dark night.
Song Jingchen’s heart skipped a beat.
He couldn’t take it anymore and said, “Have you seen enough?”

Shen Yijia shook her head obediently.
Afraid that he could not see clearly, she whispered, “No.”

Song Jingchen held his forehead.
“Why are you looking at me?”

“You’re handsome.” Shen Yijia was a little tired from watching.
She rubbed her eyes and continued watching.

Song Jingchen was speechless.

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How could this girl say such frivolous words so easily? Were all demons so careless?

Song Jingchen had never encountered one before and didn’t know much about them.

In the end, he sighed helplessly and reached out to pull her into his arms.

Shen Yijia wanted to look up, but Song Jingchen pulled her head into his embrace and stopped her from moving.

“Hubby is so petty.” she thought to herself.

In order to avoid being questioned by Song Jingchen, Bruiser didn’t dare to come to their house for a few days in a row.
There was one less troublemaker at home, and it was much quieter.

Widow Wang was illiterate and had always hoped that Bruiser would be successful.
However, not only was her family not well-to-do, but Bruiser was also disobedient.

It was only when Shen Yijia appeared that Bruiser changed a lot.
He could even learn how to read and write from Song Jingchen.
Widow Wang was overjoyed and praised her son for being able to read.

Widow Wang naturally didn’t want Bruiser to stop visiting.

At first, she thought that there was a conflict between children and thought that it would be fine after a while.

One day, when she came to look for Madam Li to gossip, Lin Miaomiao asked her why Brother Bruiser didn’t come.

Only then did Widow Wang realize that it was not the case at all.
When she returned home, she taught Bruiser a lesson and dragged him over to the Song family residence by the ear the next day.

Bruiser was worried that he would be questioned by Song Jingchen, but Song Jingchen didn’t mention the incident at all.

“Have I been anxious for nothing?” Bruiser thought to himself.

“Big Brother, Sister-in-law sneaked out again,” Sister Huan shouted in Song Jingchen’s general direction.

Song Jingchen was speechless.

Sister Huan did not mind that her brother ignored her and sat back in front of the desk.

She coughed and said solemnly, “Everyone will write 100 more words today.”

Everyone was silent.

Such conversations happened almost every two days.
Shen Yijia, who was slow to react, gradually understood that Song Jingchen had deliberately let her out.

With this understanding, Shen Yijia naturally stopped worrying and just went out whenever she wanted.

Every two days, she would openly bring Furball up the mountain.
She had to praise Furball for having a good nose.
She had almost wiped out all the wild ginseng and lingzhi in the nearby mountains.

She had quite a bit of spiritual liquid.
Song Jingchen had no use for it, so she let Furball have more.

In the beginning, Shen Yijia did not let Furball appear in public.
After going out more times, almost everyone in Xiagou Village knew that the Song family was raising a tiger.

Everyone avoided their family like the plague.

The people in the Song family’s old residence were scared and hateful.


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