“My surname is Feng, and I’m the manager here.
Young Master, you can call me Manager Feng.
As for my young master… you’ll know when you get there.” Manager Feng did get mad with Shen Yijia because of her attitude and continued to smile.

However, Shen Yijia felt uncomfortable from his smile.
She had goosebumps.
She felt that something was off with this person.

She shook her head and refused.
“I don’t know your young master.
I still have something on.
I’ll leave first.”

“Young Master, why are you in a hurry to refuse?” Manager Feng was not in a hurry.
He pointed at a place and gestured for Shen Yijia to look.
Then, he said, “That little brother is your friend, right?”

Shen Yijia looked in the direction he was pointing at and saw Bruiser, who had been jumping around happily in the crowd just now, being held by two burly men on both sides.
There was a dagger on his neck.

He was looking at her straight in the eye, stunned.

Shen Yijia tilted her head.
Was she being threatened? She remembered that Shopkeeper Wang had said that someone was asking about her.

She turned to Manager Feng and smiled.
“Lead the way then.”

Manager Feng smiled in satisfaction.
“Then please follow me.”

Shen Yijia followed him and saw that he was about to leave the arena.
She paused and asked, “I want my friend to leave with me.”

Manager Feng hesitated.
He knew how difficult this little girl was to deal with.
Without a hostage, what if she slipped away again…

“Don’t worry, I won’t run away.
I’ll wait until I see your young master before leaving.” How dare he ask around for news about her? He had caused her to be ordered to stay at home by her husband, and now he even dared to threaten her.
How could she not teach him a lesson? Of course, she wouldn’t leave without doing so.

Manager Feng had seen countless people and could tell that Shen Yijia was telling the truth.
He waved his hand and asked someone to bring Bruiser along, but he still got someone to hold the knife to threaten Bruiser.

Bruiser looked at Shen Yijia pitifully.
His eyes were filled with tears.
Coupled with his delicate face, he looked very pitiful.

Shen Yijia felt a chill run down her spine.
She glanced at him in disdain and did not say anything else.


It was good that he had learned his lesson.
He didn’t have the ability, yet he still dared to keep tempting her into coming here.
Did he think that everyone was as outstanding as her?

After leaving the arena, they walked into another passageway.
After walking for about 15 minutes, Manager Feng stopped at the end of the passageway.

He fumbled with the wall, and the wall in front of him suddenly parted.
Light shone in from outside, illuminating the originally dark passage.

When she walked out, she saw a courtyard with carved beams.
Shen Yijia raised her eyebrows.
It was good that it was not underground.
Otherwise, she would have to find a way out after beating someone up.
It was troublesome.

Shen Yijia admired the courtyard as she walked.
She was not in a hurry at all.
From time to time, she would pluck a flower from the roadside.

There were still so many flowers at this time.
How rare.

Manager Feng’s eyes twitched when he saw this.
Other than liking beauties, his young master only loved flowers and plants.
Every flower in this pot was obtained at a high price.

Moreover, it took a lot of effort to make these flowers bloom in this season.

Now it was ruined.

Shen Yijia noticed Manager Feng’s expression from the corner of her eye.
She blinked and thought for a moment.
Then, she became even more ruthless.

Manager Feng stopped in front of a door with his men.
He could not help but turn around and look at the place they had passed by.
His heart was bleeding.

If not for the fact that his young master had taken a fancy to this woman, he would definitely…

The path, which was originally filled with colorful flowers, was now bare from Shen Yijia’s actions.
Petals covered the entire path.

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