The arena was indeed more lively than usual today.
There were usually many people, but it was not as crowded as this.

Shen Yijia and Bruiser squeezed in, sweating profusely.

The surrounding people were extremely excited.
Their eyes lit up as they looked at the arena.
They gestured and shouted.
Shen Yijia rubbed her arms and was a little shocked.

These people were like the lunatics who saw meat in her previous life, causing her to almost be assimilated.

She collected her number and went on stage.

Due to her previous two achievements, many people had a deep impression of Shen Yijia.
At this moment, no one dared to underestimate her.

In a special private room in the arena, a young master leaned against the soft couch.
When he saw Shen Yijia on the stage, his eyes lit up.

He stared at the petite figure and waved at Manager Feng.
“Didn’t you say that you don’t know that young lady from that day?”

He had seen countless women and could tell at a glance that the young man on the stage was a woman.

Manager Feng felt bitter.
He did not understand why his young master was thinking about a village girl when he had so many beauties around him.

Initially, he thought that he could kill two birds with one stone by capturing that kid from the Lin family after finding that young lady.
However, he couldn’t find out who that person was no matter how hard he tried.

He was confused by the sudden question.
He was about to shake his head when he noticed his young master’s gaze.

He looked over and his eyes widened in shock.
“So it’s him.”

No wonder he had found that young lady familiar.
He never expected that the boy he had always wanted to catch was a woman, and that his young master had taken a fancy to her.

“Huh?” The young master glared at Manager Feng in dissatisfaction.
He was useless.
Fortunately, he was here today.
Otherwise, he would have missed the beauty.


He then looked at Shen Yijia, who had beaten the previous arena lord until he could not fight back.
He gritted his teeth.
He did not expect the beauty to be a little chili pepper.
She was spicy.
He liked her.

“My young master, you’ve wronged me.
I didn’t know that he was a girl.
I wanted to send him over to you.” Of course, that would depend on whether he could catch her or not.

It was no wonder that the Lin siblings could escape from Feng Laoliu.

Manager Feng still did not know that their ties with Shen Yijia were deeper than that.
For example, Feng Laoliu was killed by Shen Yijia.
If he had known earlier, he might have been even more cautious when he attacked Shen Yijia.

“I admit defeat.” The burly man spat out a mouthful of blood and shouted these three words with difficulty.
His eyes rolled back and he fainted.

Shen Yijia’s fist stopped less than a finger’s breadth away from the burly man.

She breathed a sigh of relief. “I wouldn’t have been able to stop my fist if you’d said it any later.” she thought.

Cheers erupted from the audience.
Bruiser was overjoyed, but he also felt a little uncomfortable.

He was stuck in the middle of the crowd.

However, the people around him were so tall that he was smothered by them.
He could only jump up and wave at Shen Yijia to indicate that he was here.

Shen Yijia had already seen him and rolled her eyes.

She stepped off the stage and was about to go over when someone stepped out and blocked her way.

Shen Yijia looked over unhappily.
She had seen this person once.
He seemed to be someone who worked here.

Manager Feng smiled and cupped his hands at Shen Yijia.
“Young Master, is my young master inviting you to meet him.”

“Who are you? Who is your young master?” Shen Yijia asked impatiently.

She stuck his head out to look for Bruiser, but there were too many people.
The man in front of her even deliberately blocked her way.

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