Song Jingchen didn’t even look at her as he pulled Shen Yijia away.

This was the first time Shen Yijia realized that her husband was so strong.
She could only turn around and say to An Xiu’er, “Get up quickly.
The ground is cold.
You can just knock on the door next time.
That hole is for Furball to crawl through.”

Shen Yijia wanted to express that her family would open the door for her.
The hole was dirty and not suitable for crawling through, but An Xiu’er found it ironic.

She could still hear their conversation in the distance.
The tips of An Xiu’er’s fingers turned white from clenching her hands.

“Have you finished both your homework?”

Bruiser said, “We came out to pee.
We’ll go back immediately.”

Lin Shao said, “Right, right.”

“Husband, can you let go of my hand?”

“I can’t.”

There was a moment of silence.

At this moment, there was another commotion at the entrance of the cave.
An Xiu’er looked and tried to get up with trembling legs.

Furball looked at her and opened his mouth to howl.

An Xiu’er was so frightened that her eyes rolled back and she fainted.

Furball gave her a disdainful look and left arrogantly, wiggling its butt.

An Xiu’er was left lying on the ground alone.


An Xiu’er was carried back by Lin Shao and Bruiser.

They heard that she fell sick for a few days and stopped visiting them for a long time.
Perhaps because Shen Yijia had saved Father An’s life, Auntie Tian’s relationship with Madam Li was as usual.

In the blink of an eye, a month had passed.
Shen Yijia brought Bruiser to town in a carriage.

Bruiser had not been here for a few days.
As soon as he arrived in town, he went to look for his friends.

When Shopkeeper Wang saw Shen Yijia, he was stunned for a moment.
Then, he reacted and led her to the study.

“Shopkeeper Wang, how are those ornaments selling?” Shen Yijia asked.

Shopkeeper Wang counted the days in his heart.
It had been exactly a month as they had agreed.
He thought to himself, “Your memory is really good, but why didn’t you take my advice to heart?”

He took out a ledger from the side and handed it to Shen Yijia.
“Look, you’re lucky.
A foreign merchant came a while ago and saw that those items were exquisite, so he took them.
They were sold for a total of 50 taels of silver.
This is your 42.5 taels of silver.”

As he spoke, he took out another money bag and handed it to her.
“Check it.”

Based on what Shopkeeper Wang said last time, Shen Yijia thought that she would not be able to sell it for much money.
She did not expect it to be so much more than she had expected.

She did not care that Shopkeeper Wang was still around and directly poured out the silver from the money bag to count it carefully.
This was what her husband had earned with difficulty, so she had to make sure to count it clearly.

Shopkeeper Wang’s face twitched.
Where was the trust between people?

Shen Yijia put away the silver and bade farewell to Shopkeeper Wang.
Just as she reached the door, she saw Bruiser running over.

“Sister, Sister…” Bruiser exhaled and whispered into Shen Yijia’s ear,” There’s a good show in the arena today.
Shall we go? ”

“What show?” Shen Yijia expressed her doubts.
This kid wanted her to bring him there every day to earn money.
This was not a good sign.

“The previous arena lord started the arena today.
If you win against him, you’ll get a hundred taels of silver.
Then, in the future, you’ll be the new arena lord.” Bruiser was so excited that his voice rose a few octaves.
In his mind, it was impossible for Shen Yijia to lose.

Shen Yijia’s interest was piqued.
Money was secondary.
The main thing was that those who could become arena masters were definitely not ordinary.
She could fight to her hearts’ content.
Only by sparring could she improve.

Shen Yijia found a perfect excuse for herself.
She took out the male clothes she had prepared from the carriage and changed into them.
She happily brought Bruiser to the arena.

Winning a match would earn him a hundred taels of silver.
How wonderful!

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