An Xiu’er paused.
She didn’t expect Song Jingchen to reject her immediately.
She threw the reservedness that a woman should have to the back of her mind.
She gritted her teeth and asked, “Brother Song, do you not like me?”


Song Jingchen’s thoughts were pulled back.
He said impatiently, “Miss, do you have a brain disease?”

Otherwise, a normal girl would not have said such words.

An Xiu’er gritted her teeth.
Father An was in good health, so Auntie Tian placed her attention on her.
During this period of time, her family had been looking after her.
They were only waiting for An Dong to get married before marrying her off.

She knew that if she missed this opportunity, she would not have another.
It had not been easy to get here, and she did not want to give up.


With this thought in mind, she cried out in surprise and staggered towards Song Jingchen.

However, she saw Song Jingchen driving the wheelchair back a few feet as if he had seen a ferocious beast.
An Xiu’er’s eyes flashed with disbelief, but it was too late for her to stabilize herself.

Song Jingchen watched expressionlessly as she fell.
He didn’t even blink.

Bruiser and the other man, who had just rushed over, happened to see this scene.
They covered their cheeks in unison.
It really hurt to look at.


At this moment, a bulging cloth bag suddenly flew in from outside the courtyard wall and smashed down at Song Jingchen.

He instinctively wanted to avoid it.
When he saw the familiar fabric, his lips twitched.
He stopped himself and reached out to catch the cloth bag.

Song Jingchen’s nose was immediately filled with a strong earthy smell, mixed with a slightly familiar sweet fragrance.
Seeing someone’s cotton jacket appear in such a way, he knew what was inside without looking.

Then, a small head emerged from the hole.

Shen Yijia met the gaze of An Xiu’er, who was lying on the ground.
Before she could greet her, she felt a gaze on her.
Shen Yijia braced herself and looked up.

She forced a stiff smile.
“You’re all here.
It’s- it’s quite lively.”


Was it too late for her to retreat now? No wonder Furball refused to crawl in just now.
She thought that it had a conscience and let her go first.

She was careless.

Song Jingchen held his forehead.
“Hurry and stand up.”

What kind of demon was this girl? How could she be so stupid?

“Ah? Oh!” Shen Yijia felt a little guilty.
She crawled in at a speed not much faster than a turtle.
She lowered her head and walked to Song Jingchen’s side, her small hands twisting the hem of her shirt.


Song Jingchen looked at the muddy person and sighed.
He took off his outer robe and handed it to her.
“It’s cold.
Put it on.”

Shen Yijia reached out to take it.
When she noticed that her hands were covered in mud, she immediately retracted them and hid them behind her back.

Song Jingchen said, “Squat down.”

Shen Yijia obediently did as she was told.
She watched as Song Jingchen helped her put on her outer robe and carefully tied the belt for her.

She coughed.
The robe was tied so tightly it almost strangled her.


Facing Shen Yijia’s accusation, Song Jingchen rubbed his nose and said awkwardly, “Go back to the house and change your clothes.”

Shen Yijia snorted and rolled her eyes.
She decided not to stoop to his level.

The two of them were so intimate that An Xiu’er trembled with jealousy.

At this moment, Shen Yijia also remembered that there was someone lying on the ground.
She asked in confusion, “Xiu’er, did you also crawl in from here? Get up quickly.
Be careful not to catch a cold.”


After saying that, she reached out to help An Xiu’er up, but Song Jingchen grabbed her hand and said coldly, “It’s dirty.”


“My hand is dirty too.” Shen Yijia thought.

Hearing Song Jingchen’s words, An Xiu’er’s face turned pale.
She stared at Song Jingchen in disbelief.

She could not believe that this heavenly looking man would say such hurtful words.

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