Sister Huan was practicing her calligraphy when she heard the commotion.
She threw down her brush and stuck her head out of the study room.
She said happily, “Sister Xiu’er, why are you here?”

An Xiu’er walked in with a smile.
She was a little disappointed to see that Song Jingchen wasn’t there.
She took out a few plates from the basket and said, “These are freshly cooked pancakes.
You guys can try them and take a break.”

“Sister Xiu’er, you’re the best.” Sister Huan happened to be hungry, so she spoke sweetly.

When the others heard that they could rest, they also threw down their brushes and came over.

An Xiu’er rubbed Sister Huan’s head.
When they were almost done eating, she looked around and pretended to ask casually, “Where’s your big brother? I made a little too much, you won’t be able to finish it.
You can let him try it too.”

“Big Brother should be in the courtyard.
Didn’t you see him?” Sister Huan said vaguely.
She didn’t understand why her big brother didn’t stay in the house on such a cold day.

“Maybe I didn’t notice him just now.
You guys eat first.
I’ll bring it to him.” After saying that, An Xiu’er picked up an empty plate, and placed two pancakes on it before walking out.

Bruiser bit off half a piece of cake and his cheeks bulged.
He choked on it and coughed.
At this moment, a cup of tea was handed over.
Bruiser quickly took it and drank it.
He stuffed the teacup back into Lin Miaomiao’s hand and praised casually, “Miaomiao treats me the best.”

Lin Miaomiao blushed and lowered her head in embarrassment.

Bruiser only cared about eating and didn’t notice anything else.
As he ate, he suddenly thought of something and looked up to meet Lin Shao’s gaze.

Something was wrong.

The same thought occurred to them both.

They immediately got up to follow Xiu’er.
Lin Shao reminded the others, “Stay here.”

After tearing down the original house, a huge courtyard was left in the middle.
Madam Li and Shen Yijia cleaned it up and prepared to plant some vegetables in spring.

At this moment, it was so empty that one could see the end of it.
Thinking that she didn’t see him when she came in, An Xiu’er went around to the back of the house and saw Song Jingchen.


Song Jingchen was sitting facing the dog hole, concentrating on carving a wooden hairpin.

He didn’t care when he heard footsteps approaching.
There were only these few people in the house.

A delicate female voice suddenly sounded behind him.
“Brother Song…”

Song Jingchen’s hand that was holding the carving knife paused and he frowned unhappily.

An Xiu’er walked up to Song Jingchen and met his face.
Her face slowly turned red.
“Brother Song, it’s all thanks to Sister Shen that my father can recover.”

“Your father saved Sister Huan first, and my wife gave him the medicine later.
We’re even,” Song Jingchen interrupted her and said coldly.
He didn’t want Shen Yijia’s rescue to always be mentioned, worried that someone would remember it and question the abnormalities of the incident.

An Xiu’er choked and forced a smile.
“That’s because Sister Shen saved our family.”

She then handed the plate to Song Jingchen.
“I just made it.
Try it.
If it’s delicious, I’ll make more next time.”

“There’s no need.
There should be a distance between men and women.
Miss An, you should leave.” Song Jingchen’s face darkened.

That girl didn’t seem to like eating such dry food.
Although she had never said it, it was obvious that she ate the least pancakes during meals.

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