Shen Yijia scratched her head and persuaded Furball earnestly, “I want to get you prey to eat, but there aren’t any in the mountains right now.
These herbs are very valuable, we can use them to earn money.
Then, I can buy meat for you.
It’s called a strategic investment, do you understand?”

Furball ignored her.


Shen Yijia gritted her teeth and condensed a drop of spiritual liquid from her fingertips.
She said angrily, “This should be enough, right?”

If that didn’t work, she would have to use a cane to educate him.
If that didn’t work, she could consider eating Furball meat tonight.

It was unknown if Furball sensed danger or if it was attracted by the spiritual liquid.

It leaned over and licked the spiritual liquid that had just condensed on Shen Yijia’s fingertips.

Shen Yijia had already thought about how to cook Furball.
She only came back to her senses after her fingertips were scraped a few times and realized what Furball had done.

Shen Yijia was stunned for a moment.
“Ah!” She screamed and took a big step back.
She pointed at Furball and widened her eyes.
“You took advantage of me, you indecent tiger.
You have to find all the goods in this mountain today.
Otherwise, I’ll teach you a lesson.”

If Furball could speak, it would say, “Your acting skills are really bad.
If you want my help, just say so.
You actually tried to scam me.
It’s really difficult to be a tiger!”


What Shen Yijia did not know was that less than two hours after she left, someone walked out from next door.

An Xiu’er stood hesitantly in front of the Song family’s courtyard.


She looked up at the imposing mansion and finally made up her mind.
She took a deep breath and slowly knocked on the courtyard door.

She was wearing a decently new pink dress today.
She had some makeup on her face, and her lips were red.
Her black hair was loosely tied with a pink headband, and she looked more beautiful than usual.

Not long after, the courtyard door was opened from the inside.
The smile on Lin Shao’s face immediately disappeared when he saw the person at the door.

He initially thought that his sister-in-law had returned to save them.


Nevertheless, he asked politely, “Can I help you?”

An Xiu’er did not miss the change in Lin Shao’s expression.
She tightened her grip on the handkerchief and felt a little angry.
In her opinion, Lin Shao and his sister were just wild children who had been picked up.
However, Madam Li treated them like her own children.


However, An Xiu’er didn’t show it on her face.
She smiled and said, “I made some pancakes for everyone to try.”

Lin Shao didn’t think there was anything wrong.
The two families interacted a lot, and it was common for them to give each other food.
He thanked her and reached out to take the basket from An Xiu’er.

An Xiu’er turned away slightly and said hesitantly, “I haven’t seen Sister Huan for a few days.
I want to see her.
Is it convenient for me to go in?”

Lin Shao originally wanted to refuse.
Madam Li had accompanied Widow Wang to the town to deliver embroidery work, and Shen Yijia was not around.

Apart from Song Jingchen, who was an adult man, the rest of the family were all children.
It was inappropriate to let a girl enter the house.

But before he could speak, An Xiu’er suddenly called out to Sister Huan and walked in.
She had been here many times and knew that everyone was in the study at this time, so she walked all the way to the backyard.


Lin Shao frowned and followed.

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