However, this was not the end.
Just as she sat down, Furball, who had been looking down on her, walked over.

It wagged its tail and circled around her.
Then, it glanced at her and walked to Song Jingchen’s feet.


Shen Yijia found it unbelievable.
She saw a hint of gloating in Furball’s eyes and she muttered angrily, “Do you think you’re a dog?”

What Shen Yijia hated the most was definitely writing practice. “I was the overlord of the mental hospital in my past life.
Why do I have to know this? Isn’t it enough that I know how to fight?” she thought.

However, no matter how unwilling she was, she still obediently grabbed the brush and started writing.

After writing for a while, Shen Yijia began to feel sleepy.
She felt that every stroke was hypnotizing her.

Suddenly, she heard a few knocks.
Shen Yijia immediately stood up and saw Song Jingchen standing in front of her.

Shen Yijia rubbed her eyes and argued weakly, “Would you believe me if I said I was meditating?”

Song Jingchen sighed and said helplessly, “Sit down.”

Shen Yijia immediately sat down.

Song Jingchen slowly approached her…

Shen Yijia’s heart was pounding.
Did her husband want to kiss her? There were so many people around.
But this was the first time her husband had taken the initiative.
What if she refused and hurt his pride? Should she close her eyes now?

Looking at Song Jingchen’s beautiful face getting closer and closer, Shen Yijia decisively closed her eyes.

Then she heard muffled laughter, followed by something rubbing against her face.

Shen Yijia opened her eyes.


Song Jingchen had already returned to his usual posture.
He held her hand and placed a handkerchief with ink on it.
He said seriously, “You’ve rubbed ink on your face.”

He acted as if he hadn’t been the one making fun of her just now.

Shen Yijia’s face turned red.
“You- you…”

“Write properly.
Even Bruiser writes better than you,” Song Jingchen said.

“Why did you have to mention me?” Bruiser thought to himself.
He felt insulted, but he didn’t dare to say it.

Shen Yijia also felt that it was impossible for her to be inferior to Bruiser.
His handwriting was terrible.

The confident Shen Yijia decided to teach Song Jingchen a lesson and started practicing seriously.

Soon, it was already noon.
It was only when Madam Li prepared lunch and called them in for lunch that Shen Yijia realized that it had been so long.

She immediately threw down her brush and held Madam Li’s arm as if she had seen her savior.
“I’ll accompany Mother to prepare the meal.”

After saying that, she pulled Madam Li away, with Furball following closely behind.

The remaining people looked at her back enviously, and then at Song Jingchen in unison.

Song Jingchen coughed dryly.
“Alright, you can write a hundred words less today.”

Poor Shen Yijia still did not know that the kids had taken advantage of her.

After dinner, Shen Yijia thought that she could finally be free and was about to sneak out.

Furball rushed out and blocked her way.

Shen Yijia rolled her eyes angrily and lowered her voice.
“Furball, I added a huge piece of meat to your lunch.
You can’t repay kindness with ingratitude.”

Furball indicated that it did not understand and stood firmly in front of her.

“Sister-in-law, Big Brother asked me to call you back to practice your calligraphy.” Sister Huan’s voice came from behind.

Shen Yijia gritted her teeth.

“This is how love disappears, isn’t it? Why can’t we go back to being a loving family?” she thought.

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