Since there was food at home, she didn’t feel anxious at all.
After sending off the shop assistant, Shen Yijia looked at the rice noodles that had piled up half a cellar and felt inexplicably at ease.

After running errands for half a day, she still hadn’t had a sip of water.
She walked into the main room and greeted Auntie Tian.
She poured herself a cup of tea and gulped it down.

“Drink slowly.
No one is snatching it from you.” Madam Li rebuked.

Shen Yijia was about to pour a second glass of water when she paused.
She obediently slowed down and stuck out her tongue.
“I’ll go see what my husband is doing.”

“Go ahead.
I know you’re not in the mood to watch our embroidery work.” Madam Li smiled.

Shen Yijia scratched her head.
She had already suffered from embroidery work.
Now, just looking at it hurts her eyes.

“You really dote on your daughter-in-law.” Auntie Tian looked at Shen Yijia’s back and sighed.

“It’s also because Sister Jia is sensible and lovable.” Madam Li did not deny it.
Instead, she joked, “You can dote on your daughter-in-law when Xin Ci enters the family next spring.”

Auntie Tian said, “That’s right.
I just hope that our Xiu’er can find a good husband in the future.”

An Xiu’er blushed and said, “Mother, what nonsense are you talking about?”

“Look, she’s so shy whenever I bring up this topic,” Auntie Tian teased.

Madam Li glanced at An Xiu’er and casually teased, “Xiu’er is a good girl.
It’s a pity that my Brother Hao is still young.
Otherwise, I really want to kidnap her into our family.”

An Xiu’er paused, and the needle almost pricked her finger.

There was a moment of silence.

When he moved in, he had specially set up a study beside their room.
Apart from reading, Song Jingchen also made his contraptions in the study most of the time.

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Shen Yijia pushed open the door and took a look.
Seeing that Song Jingchen didn’t react, she quietly closed the door and returned to her room.

Taking out the box containing the wild ginseng, Shen Yijia took a deep breath and stuffed a ginseng into her mouth.
She chewed it casually and swallowed it.

She had eaten too much Chinese medicine in her previous life, so she really didn’t like the taste.
She swallowed a cup of water to suppress the taste.

She smacked his lips a few times.
The book didn’t specify how to nourish the body, so she should be able to eat it directly, right?

Shen Yijia scratched her head in distress and decided not to care anymore.
She poured out everything in the box.

She kept stuffing the herbs into her mouth.

Song Jingchen knew that Shen Yijia had stopped by.
He thought that she was trying to do something, but no one came into the study even after he waited for a long time.

He was about to go out and take a look when a loud bang came from next door, like the sound of something heavy falling.

Song Jingchen’s heart skipped a beat and he pushed the wheelchair over.

The moment he opened the door, he saw Shen Yijia lying on the ground with blood on her forehead.

Song Jingchen was stunned.

He called out, but there was no response.

Song Jingchen felt annoyed with his legs again.
With much difficulty, he managed to pick her up and place her on the bed.
He reached out and touched Shen Yijia’s forehead.
She didn’t have a fever.

Song Jingchen panicked when there was still no response.

He turned around and wanted to call someone over, but he saw the half-eaten lingzhi on the ground.

He turned and saw the empty box on the table.
There were a few wild ginsengs spread out beside it.


He had seen this box before, but he didn’t have the habit of looking through other people’s things, so he didn’t open it.

Shen Yijia must have brought these back from the mountains recently.

Song Jingchen’s mind was filled with racing thoughts.
Even someone as smart as him couldn’t guess why Shen Yijia wanted to eat these.

He turned around and glanced at her.
This glance made Song Jingchen completely abandon the idea of calling someone over.

He could see the wound on Shen Yijia’s forehead healing quickly.


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