Shen Yijia still wanted to refuse, but Song Jingchen’s words inexplicably sounded in her mind.
In the end, she reluctantly agreed.

In the end, they agreed that they would only take 15% of the profits from the sale.
After settling the trade, Shen Yijia and the other two prepared to go to the fragrance powder shop.

As soon as the three of them left, the window of the private room on the second floor of Full Fortune Restaurant suddenly opened.

“Do you know them?” A young master dressed in luxurious clothes and holding a fan asked the middle-aged man beside him.

The man leaned forward and looked at it for a long time.
When the carriage disappeared from his sight, he replied respectfully, “There’s a kid inside who has something that Master wants.
He suddenly disappeared a while ago.
I thought he had left our Qingping Town, but I didn’t expect to meet him here.”

The young master was not interested in the person the manager was talking about.
He licked his lips and asked, “Do you know her?”

The man frowned and pondered.
He felt that the young lady looked familiar, but he could not remember where he had seen her before.
He could only shake his head.

The young master looked disappointed.
He snapped his folding fan shut and instructed, “Go and investigate.”

He looked determined.

There was a moment of silence.

Compared to Song Jingchen’s carvings, Lin Shao’s spices were much more popular.
In the past, many fragrant powder shops wanted to cooperate with the Lin family, but they were rejected by Mr.
Now that Feng Laoliu was dead, there were naturally shops willing to accept them.

Holding a silver ingot worth ten taels, Lin Shao revealed a rare look of joy.
He handed it to Shen Yijia.
“Sister-in-law, this is for you.”

Shen Yijia glanced at him and accepted it without saying anything.
However, she was thinking about saving it for Lin Shao’s future wife as a dowry.


After hearing Widow Wang nag about how Bruiser had yet to save the money to get married, Shen Yijia felt that it would cost a lot of money to marry here.

It was a pity that she hadn’t transmigrated when Song Jingchen married the original host.
The Shen family had secretly withheld those betrothal gifts, but she would definitely have snatched them back.
She didn’t think of this when she was in the capital.

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When they arrived at the rice shop, there were still many people who took out some of their food to exchange for silver and winter clothes after the autumn harvest.

The moment Shen Yijia entered, she wanted to buy 100 taels of silver worth of rice and noodles.
The surrounding people looked at her differently.

There were not many rich fools at a time like this.

Bruiser held his forehead.
Boss, you should at least keep a low profile.

When the shopkeeper of the rice shop saw that a rich customer had arrived, he quickly welcomed them.
Because Shen Yijia bought a lot, the shopkeeper gave them a discount of two copper coins per catty.

A hundred taels of silver worth of rice and flour.
It was not a small amount.
Fortunately, the rice shop could send someone to deliver it.

Bruiser bought coarse grain.
Shen Yijia helped him bring it back home in the carriage.

When she helped Bruiser put away the things and returned home, the rice shop had already sent the food over.
There were three carts filled with food.
The villagers didn’t know what to think.

It looked as if Shen Yijia had bought the entire rice shop.

“Sister Li, why did you buy so much food?” Auntie Tian asked.

Madam Li buried her head in sewing and said with a smile, “It’s food for the winter.
Sister Tian’s family can also stock up more.”

Auntie Tian smiled awkwardly and did not speak.
She glanced at the bags of food and calculated the amount of money needed.
She felt envious.

Her family had just sold the excess grain a while ago.
How could they be so stupid as to buy it back?

The charcoal fire in the house was warm.
An Xiu’er listened to her mother and Madam Li’s conversation and quietly buried her head in her embroidery.
Occasionally, she would look up and inadvertently glance in the direction of the backyard.

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