Shen Yijia glanced at the box in his hand and nodded.
“Get on the carriage, then.”

Madam Li also chased after her.
She held a wallet in her hand.
“This is the money I earned from selling embroidery recently.
Take it.”


“Alright, come back early.” Madam Li interrupted Shen Yijia and urged her to set off.

Shen Yijia could only accept it.
Looking at the wallet, Shen Yijia’s lips curled up slightly.

When they passed by Bruiser’s house, Shen Yijia thought about it and told him about her family’s preparations to buy food.

Bruiser’s family didn’t have any fields, so they had to spend money to buy crops for food.
When Widow Wang heard this, she took out five taels of silver and asked Bruiser to follow them.

Shen Yijia really didn’t know where to sell Song Jingchen’s ornaments.
She was only familiar with the Full Fortune Restaurant in town, so she could only go there first.

The waiter was already familiar with Shen Yijia.
When he saw her carriage parked at the entrance, he immediately ran in and called for the fat shopkeeper.

“Miss Shen, what good stuff do you have today?” The fat shopkeeper walked out and asked with a smile.

Most of the hunters did not enter the mountains in winter.
In the past, the wild animals had long stopped at this time.
Only this year, Shen Yijia had brought some over.
It was enough for their restaurant to earn a profit.
Therefore, he welcomed Shen Yijia’s arrival.

Shen Yijia scratched her head.
“There’s no prey today.
I wanted to ask you something.”

The fat shopkeeper did not show any disappointment.
He said, “You can ask me anything.
There’s really nothing in this town that I, Wang Zihong Full Fortune Restaurant, don’t know.”

Shen Yijia looked at him strangely.
She did not expect this person to be so narcissistic.
She said dryly, “Haha, Shopkeeper Hong…”

The waiter beside her stifled a laugh.

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The fat shopkeeper glared at him and explained awkwardly, “Haha, Young Lady Shen, you’re really good at joking.
My surname is Wang, and Wang Zihong is my name.”

“Pfft, haha!” As soon as Shopkeeper Wang finished speaking, Bruiser clutched his stomach and laughed.

Shen Yijia secretly stepped on him to ask him to restrain himself.
Bruiser immediately stopped, but his shoulders were still trembling.

“Ahem, he’s not very smart.
He’s like this when he’s sick.” Shen Yijia rubbed her nose and explained.

Shopkeeper Wang touched his beardless chin and nodded to show that he understood.
However, he thought to himself, “Please find a better excuse, I’ll willingly take your word for it.”

The scene was a little awkward.
Shen Yijia explained her intentions.

Shopkeeper Wang thought for a moment and said, “There aren’t many shops in town that sell such expensive items.
Why don’t you show me? I have a relative in the county who’s doing business.
I can ask him for help.”

Shen Yijia nodded.
Bruiser and Lin Shao worked together to move the big box out of the carriage.

Initially, Shopkeeper Wang didn’t think much of it.
When he saw the items inside, his eyes lit up.
He picked up a decoration of the Five Blessings and looked at it carefully.
Then, he said regretfully, “This craftsmanship is not bad, but the wood is too ordinary.
I’m afraid it can’t be sold for a good price, so I can only sell it at a low price.”

When Shen Yijia heard this, she was a little unhappy.
In her opinion, what her husband made was priceless.

If Song Jingchen hadn’t insisted, she wouldn’t even have brought it out to sell.

She thought for a moment before closing the lid.
“Then we’re not selling.”

“Hey, Miss Shen, don’t be anxious.
Why don’t you put these on display in our restaurant? If anyone asks, I’ll help you sell them.
I definitely won’t let you suffer a loss.” Shopkeeper Wang said this because he really liked these items.

For merchants, good things could only show their value in numbers.

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