When Song Jingchen heard that she was cold, he subconsciously closed the door.

After closing the door, he realized that something was wrong.
He should have gone out first and closed the door.

However, Shen Yijia was no longer looking at him.
She turned around and put on her clothes.

Song Jingchen didn’t know if he should stay or leave.

He lowered his eyes and was about to turn the wheelchair around with his back facing Shen Yijia when he suddenly smelled a faint smell of blood.
Song Jingchen frowned and remembered why he had come in.

“Are you… injured?” His tone was serious.

Shen Yijia paused for a moment.
She gritted her teeth and cursed Lin Shao for being a traitor. “Did he forget who his benefactor was? If I’d known earlier, I wouldn’t have…” she thought to herself.

With this thought in mind, Shen Yijia sped up her movements.
She quickly put on her clothes and walked to Song Jingchen’s side.
She handed him her right palm weakly and said aggrievedly, “It hurts.”

After spending so much time together, Shen Yijia realized that Song Jingchen was weak against this tactic of hers.
In order to prevent Song Jingchen from getting angry, she decisively struck first and acted pitiful.

How could Song Jingchen not see through her tricks? However, when he saw the few unsightly bloodstains on her fair palm, his heart couldn’t help but ache.

He forgot about the awkwardness from before and reached out to gently hold Shen Yijia’s hand.
The inexplicable frustration in his heart surged again.

Song Jingchen closed his eyes and regained his composure before he opened them again.

“Go sit on the stool,” Song Jingchen said softly.

Shen Yijia was very obedient and sat down.

She looked at Song Jingchen with sparkling eyes.

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After applying the medicine on her palm, Song Jingchen even bandaged her wound with a cloth to prevent it from getting wet.

“Make a bow.
It looks good,” Shen Yijia suggested softly.

Song Jingchen glanced at her and didn’t say anything.
He silently untied the knot and tied the same knot again.

Shen Yijia was speechless.

“Fine, I’ll tolerate it since you’re good looking.” she thought to herself.

“Don’t go up the mountain again.” Song Jingchen didn’t look at Shen Yijia’s gritted teeth and lowered his eyes.

“I can’t do that.” Shen Yijia was about to retort when she noticed that something was wrong with Song Jingchen.
She comforted him, “I’m fine.
It was an accident this time.
Please let me go up the mountain, I promise I won’t get hurt again.
If I get hurt again, I’ll listen to you and never go again… No, there won’t be a next time.
I swear.”

Song Jingchen knew that he couldn’t stop her when he heard her tone.
He sighed and looked up, wanting to say something.

Because Shen Yijia was sitting on a stool, Song Jingchen saw a small scratch that extended from Shen Yijia’s collar to her chin.
His gaze froze.

He reached out and grabbed Shen Yijia’s chin, forcing her to raise her head.

Shen Yijia thought to herself that Song Jingchen was being mean.
She blinked and squeezed out a crocodile tear.
She looked at Song Jingchen pitifully and didn’t say anything.

Song Jingchen suddenly relaxed and said in resignation, “Apply the medicine yourself or I’ll call Mom in.
Make your choice.”

“I choose you.” Shen Yijia smiled, trying to get on his good side.

Song Jingchen was speechless.

He suddenly recalled the scene he had seen earlier.

He blushed.
“Then apply the medicine yourself.”

Then he turned around, left the room, and closed the door.

It would have looked more natural if the wheelchair didn’t hit the door.

Shen Yijia was amused by his reaction.

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