0 to 40 years old and decided to ask Madam Li to make soup with it.

After placing the box back under the bed, Shen Yijia started to take off her clothes.

Previously, because of his excitement, she did not pay much attention.
However, at this moment, she felt a burning pain in her chest, and her right palm also hurt from being scratched up.

“Do I need to throw these clothes away?” Shen Yijia muttered.
Her heart ached a little as she rolled the clothes into a ball and stuffed them into the cabinet.
She planned to find an opportunity to destroy the evidence.

Shen Yijia reached out her finger to condense the spiritual liquid, but she decided to hold back.

It didn’t matter if others couldn’t see her injuries.
She was just afraid that Lin Shao would treat her as a demon if he knew that her injuries had completely healed so soon.

Shen Yijia scratched her head in frustration.
She wouldn’t have thought so much about it back when she first arrived in this world, but things were different now.
She liked her current life, so she didn’t want it to be ruined.

She took out another set of clothes from the closet and was about to put them on when the door was suddenly pushed open.

A cold wind blew in from the door.
Shen Yijia turned around and met a pair of shocked eyes.

Song Jingchen only found out about Shen Yijia’s injury after asking Lin Shao.
He didn’t think too much about it and wanted to come and take a look.

He did not expect to see such an awkward scene.

At this moment, Shen Yijia only had an undergarment hanging loosely on her upper body.
She had untied it when she was examining her injuries and had yet to put it on.

Because of the wind that suddenly blew in, her undergarments fluttered and almost fell off.

Song Jingchen could even vaguely see the curves of the girl in front of her.
His breathing tightened and he quickly turned his head away, not daring to look around.

Shen Yijia shivered in the cold wind and didn’t notice Song Jingchen’s red earlobes.
She muttered, “Close the door.
I’m freezing to death.”

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