Shen Yijia did not care what they were thinking and went straight to the point.
“I’m here to look for him.”

She pointed at Song Maolin.

Song Maolin’s pupils constricted.
Other than Song Dajiang and Madam Liu, everyone heaved a sigh of relief and looked at Song Maolin curiously.

“May I know why Sister-in-law is looking for me?” Song Maolin was displeased by her gaze.
He smirked and stood up.

He acted polite.

“Ah, it’s nothing.
I just don’t like you, so I want to beat you up to stretch my muscles.” Shen Yijia’s tone was very relaxed, as if she was simply discussing what to eat for dinner.

The people who heard this did not feel so good.
Everyone in Shen Yijia’s village was afraid of her.

“How dare you!” Madam Liu ignored the pain on her cheek and stood in front of Song Maolin with her hands on her hips.
She scolded sharply, “Little b*tch, don’t think that you can do whatever you want here just because you know some martial arts.
If you dare to touch a single hair on my son’s head, I’ll sue you through the county magistrate even if I have to risk my life.
The world can’t be such a lawless place.”

Shen Yijia frowned.
This lady was so naggy.
She wanted to shut Madam Liu up.

After Madam Liu finished scolding her, Song Dajiang came out to play the good cop.
“Nephew-in-law, is there a misunderstanding? Maolin has been studying outside and only returned recently.”


He clearly remembered that Feng Laoliu did not say Song Maolin’s name.

“Sister, he said it was a misunderstanding.” Bruiser tried to make his presence known.

Shen Yijia dug her ears and said indifferently, “So be it.
If it’s a misunderstanding, let’s talk about it after I’ve beaten him up.”

She stopped listening to Song Dajiang and his wife.
She flashed over and grabbed Song Maolin’s collar.
Under his terrified gaze, she punched him in the mouth.

“There, use your big mouth to report this incident.” she thought.

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Madam Liu screamed in fear and rushed over to hit Shen Yijia.
How could Shen Yijia let her succeed? She grabbed Song Maolin and spun him around.
Madam Liu’s nails landed on Song Maolin.

Song Maolin was in so much pain that he could not speak.
Tears streamed down his face.

Song Dalin and Song Erlin swallowed and took a step back with their wives.

“Stop, stop!” Song Dajiang was so anxious that he stomped his feet.
However, he did not have the courage to rush forward.
He was afraid that Shen Yijia would attack him too.

In the end, he still loved himself the most.
He only treated Song Maolin well because he wanted to lead a good life through Song Maolin in the future.
If he died now, there would be no future for him.

Shen Yijia sneered.
She was extremely annoyed with Madam Liu, who kept pestering her.
She didn’t want to hurt the innocent.

Madam Liu saw Shen Yijia raise her other hand.
Then, she felt a pain in her neck and fainted.

Shen Yijia nodded in satisfaction and blinked at the struggling Song Maolin.
“No one else will disturb me, right? I would get really annoyed if someone did.”

This sentence silenced everyone present.
No one dared to help Madam Liu up.

After those words, it was time for Shen Yijia to torture Song Maolin.

Thinking of what Song Maolin had done, Shen Yijia was furious.
She wanted to beat him up so badly that he would never speak again.

“Sister, Sister.
That’s enough, that’s enough.
He’s already in this state.
If you continue hitting him, he’s going to die.” Bruiser clenched his teeth when he saw this scene.
This family was so cowardly that no one dared to say anything to stop Shen Yijia, so he had to step forward.

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