Song Dajiang wasn’t well educated.
How could he understand these twists and turns? He simply believed that the county school was definitely better than the school in town.
After some thought, he said, “Why don’t you go to the county school next year?”

“How much money does a county school cost?” Song Dalin couldn’t help but interrupt.
“All these years, our family has suffered so much for Third Brother.
Father, Mother, it’s easy for you to ask him to take the exam again, but you have to consider our circumstances.”

Song Jiayue, who had always been close to Song Maolin, agreed with him in her heart.
She wondered when her dowry would be ready.

“Shut up.” Song Dajiang threw down his chopsticks.
He had always been the one to have the last word.
How could he tolerate anyone disobeying him? “I’m not dead yet.
You don’t have the right to make decisions in this family.”

“Father, don’t be angry.
Brother is right.
I’ve been a burden to everyone for the past few years.
Let’s forget about it.
Look at how glorious Eldest Grandpa was in the capital back then.
And yet, he still ended up…” Song Maolin didn’t finish his sentence, but everyone understood.

“What do you mean by that? If I say you’ll go to the county school, then you’ll go to the county school.
You just have to focus on studying.” Song Dajiang was originally a little hesitant, but after being provoked by Song Maolin, he immediately made his decision.

He still remembered the time when he was chased back from the capital with Song Dahai.
He hated that family because of Song Dahai, but this issue had always been a sore spot for him.

“I- I understand.” Song Maolin pretended to be helpless and looked apologetically at his two brothers.

“Are you still eating? Did I come at the wrong time?” As they spoke, the courtyard door was kicked open.

“What are you doing here?” Madam Liu jumped up from her stool and looked at the two people who had entered in horror.

Shen Yijia tilted her head and said aggrievedly, “Aunt, didn’t you say that we should tell you if there’s anything we lack? I’m here now.
Why do you look so unhappy?”

“Sister, you’re mistaken.
Auntie Liu is clearly overjoyed,” Bruiser replied obsequiously.

Previously, he had said something wrong and suffered Shen Yijia’s disdain for a few days.
He was way more attentive now.

“My my, you little b*tch.
Stop pretending and get lost from my house.” Madam Liu had no idea what Song Maolin had done, so she acted self-righteously.

Song Dajiang knew the truth, so he was already sweating in fear.
He was afraid that Madam Liu would anger this demon if she said the wrong thing.
He slapped her.
“Shut up.”

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Although Song Dajiang was known to hit people when he was unhappy, Madam Liu still covered her face and looked at Song Dajiang in disbelief,

Shouldn’t he be on her side while she criticized Shen Yijia?

Song Dajiang had no time to care about Madam Liu’s inner thoughts.
He coughed dryly and forced a smile at Shen Yijia.
“Nephew-in-law, why are you here? Tell me if you have any difficulties.
I’ll definitely settle it for you.”

Shen Yijia looked down on his arrogant behavior.
She rolled her eyes and suggested sincerely, “You should stop smiling.
You’re so ugly.”

Bruiser said, “That’s right.
How ugly.”

Shen Yijia was speechless.

Song Dajiang’s face contorted, but he didn’t dare to flare up.
Song Maolin had locked himself in his room ever since he came back, and only left his room for meals.
He didn’t know what had happened in the village recently.

Seeing Song Dajiang like this, his heart skipped a beat.
Those people that he sent should have arrived long ago, but Shen Yijia was standing here, perfectly fine.
That meant…


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