“Sister-in-law, don’t be afraid.
When I grow up, I’ll beat up all the bad people with you.” Brother Hao comforted her.

Shen Yijia was touched.
So this was family.

“Are you guys busy? Let me help.” Widow Wang walked in with a loud voice.
“These bastards.
Fortunately, Eldest Nephew’s wife is capable.
Otherwise… I’m scared just thinking about it.”

Madam Li looked at her in surprise and asked, “Sister Wang, why are you here? The house is in chaos.”

“Sister, what are you talking about? It’s just a few corpses.
I saw them a few years ago when there was a famine.”

Widow Wang was well built from farming, so she could carry a corpse alone.
“Besides, corpses are not as scary as living people.”

After a pause, she explained, “Sister, don’t blame me.
I went to town this morning and only heard about this when I returned.
I rushed over.”

Madam Li wiped her tears.
“I can’t thank you enough.
Why would I blame you?”

After saying that, Madam Li glanced at the tightly shut door of the An family’s residence next door and sighed.

Shen Yijia wanted to burn the corpses with fire, but she did not expect a group of officials to come just as they were done cleaning up.

As soon as those people arrived, they carried the corpses onto a cart.
After they were done, an official spoke, “The county magistrate said that these hooligans have committed all kinds of crimes and deserve to be punished.
You’ve eliminated evil on behalf of the people today, so you should be rewarded.”

With that, someone walked up with a tray containing silver ingots.
Shen Yijia counted ten silver ingots.
For a long time after the officials left, Shen Yijia still felt like she was in a dream.

Didn’t Feng Laoliu say that he was backed by the county magistrate? The situation was different from what she’d imagined.

In any case, it was a good thing that the county magistrate did not pursue the matter.

Everyone heaved a sigh of relief.
This matter could finally come to an end.

PLease reading on Myb oxn o ve l.

In the underground arena.

When Manager Feng heard about Feng Laoliu’s death, he was so angry that he swept the things on the desk to the ground.

He said angrily, “I’ve already reminded Feng Laoliu not to provoke women, or he would die at the hands of a woman sooner or later.
Look, my warning came true!”

Although Feng Laoliu’s surname was also Feng, the two of them were not related by blood.
He was actually from the same hometown as Manager Feng.

Manager Feng was not angry because of Feng Laoliu’s death.
It was purely because Feng Laoliu was an obedient dog, and it would be difficult to find a replacement.

The enchanting woman clearly knew this as well.
She leaned her delicate body against Manager Feng and comforted him gently.
“It’s not worth it to ruin your health because of a dog.
If you lose this one, you can find another one.”

Manager Feng waved the woman away angrily.
“Would I be so angry if he was the only one who died? We lost more than 60 people this time.”

Seeing that he was really angry, the enchanting woman did not dare to tease him anymore.
She asked tentatively, “What did the Master say?”

“Master said that this matter ends here.” It would have been fine if she didn’t mention this, but when she brought it up, he became even angrier.

He cursed, “Damn Feng Laoliu.
Not only did he lose the Lin siblings, but he also found excuses to explain why he didn’t bring them back.
I think he was only thinking about women, so he didn’t keep an eye on them.
Now that he’s dead, where am I supposed to find them?”

The Master that they were talking about was sitting motionless at the desk.
A letter that had been opened lay beside his hand.

It was not until a servant’s greeting came from outside that he was brought back to reality.
He wiped the sweat off his forehead and hurriedly placed the envelope on the candle flame to light it.

“Is his lordship there?”

“Yes, Madam.
Please wait a moment.
I’ll go in and inform him first.”

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