kun, welcome back.”

When Rin went back into the hallway, it was as if he had time-traveled back to yesterday.

Saya-san was at the entrance with a big pink carry-on bag.

“Saya-san? Why?”

“I was just going home to pick up some stuff.
Rin-kun, have you eaten?

“Not yet.”

“I see.
I made dinner for you, I’ll serve it right away.”

With that, Saya-san went to the kitchen and heated the dinner she had already prepared.

It was omelet with rice.

The omelet was placed on top of the rice, and when it was broken, a tender egg covered the rice.

“I ate first because it was too late and I would have gained weight.

“Oh, no.
It’s totally fine.”

“Eat it while it’s still hot.”

“Thank you.


The taste was just as he had imagined it would be by the look of the dish.

The eggs were fluffy and tender.


Saya-san, who was peeking out from below next to him, was so cute that it made Rin’s heart skip a beat.

“It’s very delicious.”

“I’m glad.
I have confidence in my omu-rice.”

Rin finished the omelet that Saaa-san had made for him.

He had eaten one of the rice balls he had bought at a convenience store before his part time job, but as expected, he was starving since he had not eaten dinner until this time.

“Thank you for the food.
It was very delicious.”

“I’m glad to hear that.”

Saya-san was gazing at Rin.

It was the same gaze he had felt while eating the omu-rice.

Rin’s feeling of being watched more than usual was indeed starting to unsettle him.

“Um, I feel like you’ve been staring at me a lot since a while ago…”

“Yeah,…… Rin-kun, you set your hair at your part-time job, don’t you?”

“It’s a restaurant hall, so that kind of thing has to be done right.”

…, you look cool.”

Rin, who had never been told to his face that he was good-looking, decided to escape to wash the dishes after eating.

“Rin-kun, the bath is ready, so you can go right in, okay?”

What a surprise. Normally, Rin would have finished dinner at leisure by now.

The only thing he would have done was to eat to fill up his stomach, and he would have probably taken a shower in the bathtub.

But now he was even ready to take a bath.

Rin felt a warmth that he could not put into words well, something he had not felt since he started living alone.

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