As the two of them were climbing the stairs after changing their shoes, a crowd was gathering on the second year floor.

The crowd was more dense than yesterday, when Saya-san was waiting for him.

What was different from yesterday was that the ratio of boys had increased.

After that day, it was the result of rumors spreading among the boys that Saya-san was attacking Rin.

“There are more people here than yesterday.

The words came naturally out of Rin when he saw the crowd in the corridor.

“Maybe word has gotten around,….”

Saya-san has experienced the spread of information several times from her previous modeling activities.

It could be magazine-related, events, private matters, etc.

These words seemed to come from past experiences.

“If I go to the classroom, I’m afraid I’ll be asked a lot of questions.”

Saya-san’s expression when she said this looked more like she was enjoying herself than troubled.

I have never experienced anything like this, so I wonder if this is what they call a difference in experience? He thought.

After parting from Saya-san on the stairs, Rin entered the classroom while still attracting stares.

“Kurashiki! What’s going on with you and Nakazato-san?”

“You came to school together today, right? Are you dating?”

“Hey, introduce me to some of Nakazato-san’s model friends.”

As soon as he was seated, the boys from his class came up to Rin and started asking things related to Saya-san.

“We’re not dating, and I can’t introduce you to any of her model friends.”

“Even if you aren’t going out, it would be nice just to have Nakazato-san’s attention.”

“I want to go to and from school with her.”

“Then, you know, I could get carried away by the atmosphere.”

What kind of scene was he fantasizing about when he said that he would be carried away by the atmosphere on his way to and from school?

Perhaps it was only natural for adolescent boys at his age, but boys who were bursting with delusions began to appear

Seeing this, Rin felt he could not talk too much about Saya-san.

Certainly nothing happened between Rin and Saya-san.

But it was not as if nothing had happened.

It was a fact that Saya-san suddenly barged into his house and stayed the night.

Then they slept in the same bed for the night.

After the morning class, Saya-san came to Rin’s classroom.

In her hand was the bag from the bakery they had visited together in the morning.

“Rin-kun, let’s eat?”

Saaya-san borrowed an empty chair nearby and sat down with Rin.

The desks were used in halves and lined with bread bought in the morning.



Normally, Rin would start eating without saying a word, but he decided to eat after Saya-san did.

“How is it, Rin-kun? Isn’t it nice to get something from the bakery once in a while?”

“Yes, it’s good.
I’ve got a new option other than convenience stores.”

“I know, right? Maybe we can eat outside next time?”

Do you eat out, Nakazato-san?”

Rin guessed that there would be a next time, and asked if she ate outside as well.


Saya-san stopped eating and stared at Rin.

“It’s Saya, no? I said it was forbidden to use ‘Nakazato-san.'”

“But, there are other people here.”

“Our relationship wouldn’t change even if there were others around, would it? Will it change?”

“It won’t change.

“Right? Then you have to call me Saya properly.”

Rin could tell that his classmates were staring at him more than ever before.

Do you call her by name? Do you call her by her first name? The gazes seemed to say that.

Whether she did not notice such gazes, or whether she did and did not care, Saya-san was only looking at Rin.

There was no option here but to call her by name.

Considering Saya-san’s personality that Rin has seen since yesterday, this conversation would surely not end until He called her.


Rin said Saya-san’s name a little closer to her ear, loud enough for those around him not to hear.

What Rin saw as he returned to her original posture as soon as he called her name was Saya-san with a flushed face and wide eyes.

And then there was the faint voices coming from a group of girls who were eating lunch relatively close to Rin and her.

“He whispered in Saya-senpai’s ear~!”

“Saya-senpai, she’s so cute with her blushing face~!”

Rin did not say it out loud, but in his heart he denied the girls’ words.

No, that’s not it! That’s not what I meant.
I was being watched, so I just kept my voice low


Saya-san, her cheeks still stained red, lowered her eyebrows and called out to Rin.

“T-That caught me by surprise”

After that, both of them spent their lunch break on the balcony, which was more crowded than usual that day.

(T/N: 10/10 Love this novel.
Need Saya irl)

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