like this sounds good?”

Seeing her enjoying herself in this way, Rin thought she felt like a slightly younger girl.

It must be because she expresses her emotions honestly.

Rin wasn’t lacking in emotion, but still not as much as Saya-san.

Seeing her like this, Rin felt as if he could understand why she was so popular.

“It’s a little embarrassing to be stared at so intently….”

Saya-san suddenly turned red and faced down, her eyes naturally looked up at Rin.

He might not have been aiming for this, but looking at her embarrassed like that, excited Rin.

“Ah, I’m sorry.
I was just thinking about something.”

“Hey, What were you thinking when you are with such a nice Onee-san?”

Grumbling, Saya-san asked, but Rin could not answer her question.

If he said he was thinking about her, he didn’t know how much he would be teased afterwards.

“I feel like people are staring at us alot.” Rin said,

The station building was still crowded, so it didn’t bother him that much, but once they left the station building, they were all headed in the same direction to the school.

When this happened, the stares directed at Rin were gradually increasing.

“This is the first time I’m going to school with a boy, so maybe that’s why they’re staring at me more.
Does that bother you?”

“Well, yes.
I’m a little worried.”

“Mou~, there’s no helping it then.”

Saya-san then grabbed Rin’s arm.



“””–! “””

The surroundings became even more focused on them.

No matter how one looked at it, the actions that Saya-san took only had the opposite effect.

“Saya-san? I think We’re standing out even more.”

“Rin-kun, don’t worry about other people! Rin-kun, all you have to do is look at me.
Then you won’t have to worry about anyone else, right?”

It didn’t stop bothering him at all.
Though, It certainly made him less concerned about other people than before.

Almost forcibly, his consciousness was directed towards Saya-san.
It was more correct to say that it wasn’t there anymore.

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