ly what was going on, He knew that Saya-san had big oppai.

Pressing her chest against Rin’s arms more than before, Saya-san stared at Rin.

“Oppai, Do you like them?”




“F-cup, you know?――Ara, you just looked at them, didn’t you?”

Rin, whose gaze had been drawn to them, hurriedly removed his gaze when Saya-san pointed it out to him.

But by the time He looked away after being pointed out, It was already too late.

“I haven’t made it public on my official profile, so don’t tell anyone else about it.”

“Y-Yes, I’ll keep it a secret.”

“I’m relieved that Rin-kun is also interested in a girl’s body.
I think I’ll be able to sleep peacefully today.
Good night, Rin-kun.”

“G-Good night…”

Saya-san was a fast sleeper, and after about 15 minutes, He began to hear her breathing in her sleep.

In the midst of all this, on the contrary, Rin had a hard time falling asleep because he was currently sleeping on his own bed with Saya-san.

His various senses couldn’t catch up with this situation that he suddenly came across.

Saving Saya-san yesterday was not such a big deal in Rin’s mind.

But it was definitely a catalyst.

Could these small things lead to big changes? Rin wondered.

When Rin woke up, Saya-san was still sound asleep.

Now, one night later, Saya’s loungewear was a little disheveled, and her navy blue bra was peeking out a little from her chest.

Rin remembered what happened yesterday and quickly removed his gaze from the chest.

He reflected on the fact that he had done the same thing again, even though it had only been said a few hours ago.

“Rin-kun … good morning~”

Saya hugged Rin like a pillow.

From the sound of her voice, she was still half asleep.


“Good morning.”

“I think I slept better than usual.”

“Really? I’m glad to hear that.”

“I feel at ease when I smell Rin-kun’s scent.
Maybe I have a smell fetish or something?”

“Well, who knows?”

Rin raised his body to remove Saya-san from his body, who did not easily let go of Rin, and began to get ready for the morning.

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