was so nice! Is it possible that this apartment is quite expensive? And the bathtub was big and shell-shaped.”

“This apartment is not for rent, but for sale.
It originally belonged to my mother’s husband from her second marriage, and I’m renting it now.”

“Ah, it’s a nice apartment, even the kitchen and other facilities.
I am impressed.”

Nakazato-san wiped her hair with a bath towel and drank water in the kitchen.

After her bath, Nakazato-san’s cheeks and neck were slightly dyed crimson.

Pink-beige loungewear made of satin fabric wrapped around her giving her a luxurious look.

The silhouette of her jacket emphasized her plump b*****s with plenty of space even though her waist was tight.

Her long legs stretched beautifully through her hot pants, and her hips looked curvy.

Nothing less expected from a model, Rin thought.

After Nakazato-san finished drying her hair with a hair dryer, she began to organize her belongings.

She seemed to be in a good mood.
When she calmed down a little, Rin asked her.

“Um, are you really staying here?”

“Hmm? You don’t like it?”

Nakazato-san’s eyebrows drooped a little and she looked sad.

Rin did not dislike it or anything.

But he wondered if it was okay for a man and a woman to do such a thing, given the fact that they had only known each other for a short time.

“Rin-kun, are you going to assault your Onee-san?”

“I would never do that!”

“It’s fine, you know?”

Rin was not the type of person who could joke about assaulting someone.

As a result, the problem would indeed be eliminated.

“Well, we have school tomorrow, so should we go to bed?”

“Well then, I’ll take the couch, and you can use the bed, Nakazato-san.”

“Why? Since we’re here together, why don’t we sleep together? Right?”

Nakasato-san invited Rin to bed with her face down.

“Still I shouldn’t do that….”

“You said earlier that you wouldn’t attack me, right?”

“That’s true, but …”

“It’s getting late for bed.
Come quick.”

Nakazato-san turned off the light in the room, and Rin was pulled into bed by her.

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