Nakazato-san smiled and said to Rin.

“Even if we go to my house, there’s nothing there, you know?” Rin said,

“I don’t think it matters whether there’s something there in the house or not.

Nakazato-san puffed out her cheeks a little and looked at Rin in protest, but that quickly changed.

It looked as if she had realized something.

She looked Rin up and down and opened his mouth provocatively and licked her lips.

“Rin-kun? Do you want to do something with me?”

Along with her words, she hugged Rin’s arms tightly and pressed her feminine parts against him.

They were not far from the school yet, and the eyes of the students around them were drawn to the two of them.

“Nakazato-san, they’re all watching us.”


Perhaps she was accustomed to this kind of gaze, or she wasn’t bothered by it at all.

“No, why don’t you move a little further away?”

“Hey? You’re blushing a little, aren’t you? Were you excited feeling Onee-san’s b*****s?”


Even though we are both still wearing blazers, I can feel their softness.

Seeing that Rin was a bit intimidated by the erotic advances, Nakazato-san proceeded to make a concession.

“I’ll let you off with this for now because Rin-kun is going to die of embarrassment.
In return, take me home.”

Nakazato-san’s hand, which had a firm grip on his arm, went down to the bottom and they linked hands.

Like that, Nakazato-san pulled Rin’s hand with a smile and started walking to the station.

Even holding hands was embarrassing for Rin, but it still felt somewhat better than earlier, and Rin obeyed as Nakazato-san pulled him along.

“Rin-kun? Is this the station where you get off?”

“Yes, it is.
Is something wrong?”

“Maybe you’re close to home.”

“Do you live here too, Nakazato-san?”

“Yes, I am.
Maybe it’s fate?”

Nakazato-san squeezed Rin’s hand with a mischievous look on her face, as if she was enjoying Rin’s reaction.

Her long, thin fingers intertwined with Rin’s.
After squeezing even tighter, Nakasato-san asked Rin to lead the way.

“Let’s get going, shall we?.”

Rin had no choice but to lead the way.

Once inside the room, Nakazato-san looked around the room and asked

“Rin-kun, by any chance do you live alone?”

Rin lived in an apartment for sale owned by his stepfather, his mother’s remarriage partner.

Since the layout was also a one-room apartment, it was not surprising to guess for Nakazato-san that he was living alone.

“Yes, I do.
Due to some family reasons, I live alone now.”

“I see.
I live alone too, you know? We’re the same.”

“You live alone, too, Nakazato-san?”

“Yes, I do.
I’m here on business.”

“Let me get you something to drink.
Would you like some tea?”

“Yes, thank you.”

While the tea was being prepared, Nakazato-san scurried around the room, but Rin was secretly nervous.

Rin has never brought a girl home before.

In addition, the other party was a famous model at school.

Outside the house, Rin had to watch the eyes of those around her, but at home, there were no such eyes on her.

His attention naturally turned to Nakazato-san, and as a result, he was nervous about being alone with her in the room.

A set of tea was carried on a wooden tray.

Nakazato-san was looking around, but she sat down in the living room and waited quietly.

Nakazato-san had removed her blazer, her waist was tight, and her long legs were folded at an angle and neatly aligned in a feminine manner.

“You could have sat on the couch.”

“If it had been wood flooring, I would have done that, but you have a rug on the floor, so why not?”

Rin prefered milk tea when he drank tea, but seeing that Nakazato-san also put milk in her tea, she might be a milk tea lover.

There was no lemon available, so it was possible that lemon tea might be more to her liking.

Even after taking a sip of the milk tea, Rin’s mind was not at ease.

He had never been alone with a girl like this before.

While drinking milk tea and chatting, Nakazato-san seemed to be pondering something.

Rin did not know what to say, but surprisingly, Nakazato-san left as soon as she finished her milk tea.

Rin felt a sense of disappointment.

It was not that he was expecting anything, but he did not expect her to leave so quickly, partly because she was the one who wanted to come to his house.

Rin then took some time to relax a little as usual, ate a meal, and then took a bath.

Then, around nine o’clock at night, He heard the front door open with a click.

Rin’s vigilance reached its peak.
This was unusual.

It was an auto-locking apartment, and the front door was locked.

The thought of a robber flashed through his mind, considering the situation.

He took a quick look around and chose a Dyson vacuum cleaner.

He couldn’t immediately think of anything else.

Thinking that it would be difficult to deal with the situation if they came to the living room, Rin decided to go out to the hallway even though his heart was pounding.

“I’m homeeee.”

But it was Nakazato-san, who had been in this room until a moment ago, who had come in through the doorway.

(T/N: Imagine expecting a robber only to find the most popular girl at your school.

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