“Kurashiki, you didn’t know about Nakazato-san, did you? Why is this all of a sudden happening today?”

Keigo Tanaka, a classmate, asked Rin during recess.

Tanaka’s question was no surprise to Rin.

Tanaka and Rin have been in the same class since the first year, and he knew that Rin was never interested in Saya Nakazato for a little over a year.

It was perfectly natural for him to have questions after finding that same Rin in the morning situation.

“No, yesterday.

Rin explained to Tanaka what had happened yesterday.

Students from the same school had been ganging up on Nakazato-san and picking on her.

The fact that he was a student from the same school made him feel guilty for turning a blind eye and intervened.

In fact, it was tantamount to explaining to the gathered classmates.

“I guess the world just doesn’t work that way.
Kurashiki, who had no interest in her, has made contact with Nakazato-san, and I have no contact with her.”

“No, you have a girlfriend right? What are you talking about? Should I tell her?”

“Pretend you didn’t hear that.”

During lunch break, Rin ate the bento he had bought at a convenience store.

Although Rin lived alone, he has never prepared his own lunch.

If he did, it was only making onigiri and bringing them to school once in a while.

Rin’s parents were divorced and her mother took him in, but a few months ago she moved in with her remarried partner.

At almost the same time, Rin decided to start living alone.

It was not that he did not get along with the man to whom his mom remarried, but Rin could not adjust to his new life.

At that time, he developed stress urticaria1, and Rin discussed and decided to leave the house.

And if one of them were to leave the house, it would be more logical for it to be her partner.

This was something that had come up during their discussions.

So when might they be able to live together?

There was a chance that as a result, she (mc’s mom) would miss her opportune moment to remarry, and remarriage itself could become impossible.

So Rin started living alone a little earlier.

There was no doubt that Rin was still a child.

But there were plenty of people who went to college and lived on their own.

It was agreed that it was just a little bit faster.

However, since he was still a child, he had most of his finances taken care of.

Rin would pay for his own transportation, miscellaneous expenses, etc.
That’s what the part-time job was for.

Nakazato-san did not show up during lunch break, but came again after school.

“Rin-kun, will you go home with me?”

Nakazato-san didn’t seem to care if it was another class or not, and walked in as if it were her own class.

But that wasn’t the problem.

The girls gathered in the doorway of the classroom, all looking at Rin and whispering in secret.

Rin looked at her and asked, “Nakazato-san, are those girls over there acquaintances of yours?”

Rin did not know any of the girls who showed up with Nakazato-san.

“Yeah, I told them I was going home with Rin-kun and they followed me.
It looks like everyone is interested in Rin-kun now.”

Several third year girls were among the morning crowd.

The events of the morning spread to the third year girls, and the result was the current situation.

Until now, Saya Nakazato had never had such a romantic story, so it was no wonder that people around her were interested in her.

“Shall we leave?”

With that, Nakazato-san took Rin’s arm and left the school almost forcefully.

Rin’s feelings surged as they had in the morning as Nakazato-san wrapped her arms around him.

With all the stares from those around him, It was all he could do to maintain his composure.

“Rin-kun? Do you have your part-time job today?”

“No, not today.”

“Do you have any errands to run?”

Nothing special.

“Great! Let’s go home soon, shall we?”

Go home? Rin thought that sounded as if he wasn’t going home now.

They were already out of school and on their way home.

Rin was uncomfortable with the way she said it, as if her words did not include him returning to his home.

“Are you going home now?”

“Not that … I’d like to go to Rin-kun’s house, will you?”

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