Saya looked at Rin with red cheeks.

It was not only her face that was red, but even her chest, peeking out from the collar of her silky nightwear, was red.

“Let’s go over there, shall we?”

Saya stood up quickly and pulled Rin’s hand.

The lights were turned off by Saya, and the two of them headed for the bedroom in the darkness to which their eyes were not yet accustomed.

Saya went to the bed first, and Rin got into the bed after her.

When Rin laid down facing Saya, a hand was placed on his cheek.

The soft sensation of slender fingers wrapped around Rin’s cheeks, and their lips overlapped.

They kissed repeatedly, just their lips on top of each other’s.

“Let’s continue where we left off yesterday, shall we?”

Saya’s hands went from under Rin’s armpits to his back and pulled her body closer to his.

She licked Rin’s neck.

When Rin looked at Saya, Saya was looking up at Rin from below.

“Today, I am wearing new underwear, you know?”

“I-Is that so?”

“Do you want to see what it’s like?”

Rin was unsure what to answer.
To be honest, of course he wanted to see it.

It was not that he wanted to see the underwear, but that he wanted to see Saya wearing it.

But at the same time, he felt that it was not a good idea to go any further, given his current relationship with Saya.

Even just sleeping with Saya, he felt like his reason would fly away somewhere.

There was Saya’s visual appeal, her seductive words.

No matter how much Saya had told him not to attack her, Rin felt there was a limit.

“Saya, I’m … falling in love … with you.
So I think I won’t be able to hold back any longer.

Saya was a celebrity, and Rin was an ordinary person.

Rin did not know if it was alright for him to be in a relationship with Saya.

So by confiding his feelings, Rin put up a line of defense not to push him any further.

Confessing your feelings was almost like a confession.

Rin’s heart continued to pound.

This might stop her from kissing him.

Rin looked at Saya fearfully, and Saya’s eyes widened and then narrowed.

“Rin? You really want to see it, but you’re holding back?”

Denying it now would be unconvincing.

Rin frankly confessed.

“Y, yes.

Saya heard Rin’s answer and looked at Rin as the corners of her lips lifted slightly.

“Then tell me you love me one more time and I’ll show you.
Okay? So tell me you love me one more time?”

Saya unbuttoned a button, exposing her shoulders.

Saya assumed a position with her shoulders slightly raised, her arms pushing her chest up from below.

Although he had not seen it many times, the bra she was now wearing seemed a little thinner than the bra Rin remembered.

Her collarbone also rose a little, and why do I think it’s so beautiful? He thought

That’s how Rin saw her.

“Do you like me?”

Saya asked modestly, posing as if there was a bikini idol in front of him.

Rin answered,

“I love you.”

Saya’s eyes widened again, and they were moist.

Then her jacket, which had been lowered to around her shoulders, was pulled down to her elbows.

Perhaps a little embarrassed, Saya turned her face down a little and looked down at an angle.

The underwear that Saya was wearing was gorgeously decorated with lace, making her white skin, which could be seen through the lace, attractive.

Perhaps because of the angle, the back line revealed a supple curve towards her hips

This contrasted with the b***s, which were even more emphasized.

“The jacket is stuck.
…… Rin, can you undress me?”

“N-no, but …”

Saya then placed both legs together and stretched them out towards Rin.



“Do it quickly or I’m going to attack you, okay?”

“I-I understand.”

Rin placed his hand on Saya’s pajamas and slowly pulled them down.

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