On the second day of the shoot, mom went to the studio to say hello and then left.

And the shoot went smoothly, and it was only around one o’clock when it was over.

“Thank you very much!”

I was a little worried about what to do after this.

At this time, it seemed like I could make it to my last class.

So as soon as class was over, I thought to immediately go to the classroom where Rin was.

I was sure Rin would be surprised because I told him I was absent for a photo shoot today.


This idea was very hard to abandon, but I will still hold out.

“Saya, since we finished shooting early, do you want to go for a cup of tea?”

“I’m sorry.
Not today.”

I parted ways with the manager and went back to Rin’s house.

It was just before three o’clock when I arrived home.

Assuming Rin comes home straight away, I have at least another hour and a half to go.

I took out my new underwear from my paper bag.

The new underwear was luxury lingerie from a foreign brand.

This French brand was said to be the most highly regarded lingerie brand in the world today.

The luxurious yet elegant use of lace enhanced a woman’s body and made her look even more glamorous and s**y.

I was quite excited and bought three sets.

I had some underwear that were not as good as my “lucky” underwear.

But if I wanted Rin to think I was more beautiful, I had to buy some.

Rose wine, black? navy blue, and white ….

I don’t know what will happen, but I don’t think I would be able to restrain myself if Rin was here now.

I can’t be careless, because he might be able to accidentally see my underwear.

Which one would you like?

I thought as I put away my underwear and washed the rice.

Cute and neat, but with gorgeous lace and s**y white?

Deep navy black with contrasting lace and bare skin? Navy blue?

Rose wine with loveliness and mature sexiness?

At first he didn’t seem too interested in me.

Half of it was because I was amused to see Rin like that.

The other half was because Rin was cute, so I approached him.

I think I definitely took the initiative.

But now I was really starting to like …… him.

I feel like I want to do everything for him.

You know how sometimes you fall in love with someone just by being together with them?

As I hurriedly prepared my meal, I heard the front door unlock.

Deciding to charm him a little, I went to greet him at the door.

“Welcome home.”

I greeted Rin with a cute smile.

“I’m home.
Welcome back, Saya.”

Rin replied with a happy face.

So cuteee…

“Do you want to eat? Do you want a bath?――――”

I did it to Rin.

I couldn’t finish and I kissed Rin.

I was going to say, “Do you want me?”

When I pulled my lips away, Rin’s eyes widened.

Seeing his face made my heart flutter again, and I kissed Rin’s neck.

“T-Then, I’ll take a bath first.”

Then I’ll go prepare dinner.”

While Rin was taking a bath, I finished serving the food and got ready for my bath.

Silky pajamas and ….
black? I decided on navy blue underwear.

The underwear was faintly transparent and claimed to be for mature women with a hint of intellectual s*x appeal.

I thought Rin would like it too.

We had dinner together for the first time in two days, and I took a bath.

I soaked slowly in the large shell-shaped bathtub, smelling of my favorite bath salts.

Will we end up taking a bath together one day?

I agonized over the fantasy of taking a bath with Rin alone.

After getting out of the bath, I dried my hair with a hair dryer.

Now all I had to do was sleep.

When I thought of that, my heart immediately started beating wildly in my chest.

I remembered that I had kissed him earlier and it became more and more loud.

I felt that if I got this nervous, Rin would sense it.

But I couldn’t stay here forever.

When I returned to the living room, Rin was sitting on the sofa surfing the Internet on his phone.

It was a channel for online streaming of performers.

I sat down next to Rin, leaned my head against him, and watched it together.

I felt very calm when I did that.

There was some kind of talk ongoing on the phone screen, but I was just looking at the screen and nothing was going through my head.

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